Guild Hosting

Our guild hosting is a very easy to use system using real open source software, with a 10 year proven track record we are more than confident that we can serve all of your guild needs.

Our current system will provide you with a professional gaming website very fine tuned to the game platform you have chosen such as World of Warcraft for example, this will be relative to the template you choose from our vastly growing selection of templates, you will be able to choose your guild template after you purchase your guild web hosting plan, currently we offer one universal plan that works for any game as our templates come with everything needed to run the guild website. Basically if we have a template for it then we have a hosting plan for it! we also install and configure your portal ( WordPress ) and your forum system ( SMF, etc ).

We will also help you maintain these application/software portions of the website such as updates to the platform or modules used along with a support staff of gamers and guild masters who know what your concerns really are when you tell us, we strive to be the very best in terms of relationship with our clients, in the past ten years we still have some of our launch clients hosted with us still getting that one dollar a month plan, another perk we will never price hike your rates what you pay for is your rate no surprise jumps.


Plans & Pricing


All plans come with a Theme Club VIP Membership giving you 50% off all Ejeet Networks templates.


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