Do you setup my site for me?

No, Ejeet Networks does not offer full website setup services. We provide only the WordPress theme, images, and plugins included with your purchase.

You are responsible for:

• Setting up your own WordPress website including installing WordPress, establishing hosting and domain, and database configuration

• Installing the Ejeet Networks theme you have purchased by uploading and activating the zipped theme folder

• Customizing the theme using the WordPress customizer and theme options panel to select colors, logos, menus, etc. We provide documentation to assist with basic customization

• Adding your own content such as blog posts, pages, images, media, menus, widgets, etc. We do not create or edit content•Configuring any additional plugins beyond what is included with your theme. We only provide access to the plugins packaged with the theme purchase

• Ongoing maintenance, updates, security, and management of your WordPress site

• Troubleshooting any issues with your WordPress website or third-party service integrations

•Website design consulting or services beyond the scope of the included WordPress theme We cannot log into or have access to your website.

We are unable to directly setup, configure, design, or fully build your website for you. Our themes are meant as tools to get you started, but ultimately you are responsible for using the provided theme and implementing it for your needs.

While we offer responsive support and will help troubleshoot any issues with the actual theme to the best of our ability, we cannot manage or maintain your website for you or handle aspects beyond the scope of the theme itself. Please keep this in mind if you require a fully customized WordPress solution. We simply provide a design and tool set but all implementation and work required for your website remain your responsibility.