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Burning Crusade Classic Wordpress

Ultimate Edition TBC Classic Theme 2021 EDITION
The absolute best Burning Crusade WoW Classic WordPress template for your guild website, take no substitutes this is the final boss of Burning Crusade Classic themes for WordPress.

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The only Burning Crusade Classic WordPress template that you will ever need for your World of Warcraft guild site. TBC Ultimate is a ready made template to get your Burning Crusade Classic world of warcraft guild website up and running while looking amazing to your visitors all within minutes of uploading the theme to your wordpress website, TBC Ultimate for WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade features a state of the art ‘ what you see is what you get ‘ editing with 100% Gutenberg support editing and creating pages, widgets and new posts has never been easier, when you combine the The Burning Crusade Ultimate template with WordPress you get the very best wow website possible.

Want to see what the theme looks like on a live website? Check out the live demo and the screenshots posted here to see how your guild site could look for you too, we also have a core feature list.

To summarize the features included you get the core template that you see on our demo site along with some plugins to allow you to create a site that is just like the one you see on our demo page such the discord and other top social media buttons allowing you the ease to add or remove networks like discord, twitch and even battle net, you can also add more, its total customization in the theme. You will also have access to guild progression, a recruitment widget and so much more, our motto is that if it works with wordpress it works with our theme as all of our wordpress products are expertly written and created to keep your website looking the best all while offering top performance as our templates are literally optimized beyond any competitors the theme zip weighs in under 1.1MB and has the power to perform on any web server or web host that your WordPress installation is running on.

View BFA Demo Site

TBC Ultimate comes equipped with all the bells and whistles that you have come to love from our previous generation of WordPress templates over the years and lots more. Primarily reliability and flexibility using WordPress at its core and the cutting edge style that only Ejeet Networks could bring to your guild website, purchase TBC Ultimate today and jump through the dark portal with us.


The BEST WoW Burning Crusade Classic WordPress template for your guild website is The Burning Crusade Ultimate exclusive to Ejeet Networks.

Additional information


Compatible with WordPress version 5.7+, Tested working with version 5.7


Tested Working on 7.4+


You get 365 days of support and updates with your purchase.

18 reviews for Burning Crusade Ultimate

  1. John Tobin

    Got it a few days ago on the exclusive pre-sale that was posted on twitter, my guild loves it this is my 2nd theme from ejeet and I must say I am really impressed on the quality of the templates for the reasonable price.

  2. Tom Roberts

    I love the theme you guys rock thanks for making this one there is no other theme like this for wow classic tbc so you guys rock.

  3. Demons Guild

    Lovely template our guild is on a role play server so it fits nicely with our theme for role playing, long live Illidan

  4. Gary

    Coming from on of those premade guild sites and I must say it feels so much better to have total control over my site with wordpress.

    I had always used a hosting site like enjin but after finding this theme I was really excited to finally be able to leave the cookie cutter and make something better for the guild.

    I think we made a wise choice plus no more monthly fees buy once works for me!

  5. Janet Long

    Painless to install and setup, instant delivery. Kudos to you.

  6. Anonymous

    Lovely theme

  7. Fusion Guild

    All questions I had were already answered on the site along with pictures, you have made a new customer for life I will see you again when wotlk classic comes out HAHA.

  8. Sarah Leeland

    Let me start by saying I was skeptical of making a site with wordpress because I never used it before been using shivtr.

    So far I really like that I can pay a five dollar hosting company for the year and use this theme with it I’m saving some cash flow now with the pandemic.

    Everyone in the guild likes the new website more then the one we used with shivtr.

    Now I just need to wade through the bazillions of plugins that are out there for this setup it seems like there is a plugin for everything and I love that.

    Thanks for making these themes never thought it would have been this easy AND a big thanks to the customer support for answering my questions before I purchased the theme they helped me find a cheap host to put this on and even mailed me back today to see how it went.

    Hands down the best customer service and the theme looks good too.

  9. Anonymous

    Working good thanks

  10. Arellano S.

    Gracias por el tema, está funcionando bien, todo está funcionando en español excepto para el panel de control y eso no es problema.

  11. Davos Lebouh

    Been a customer with ejeet since back in the real vanilla days when they used to offer free phpbb and smf forums, been with you guys through thick and thin even in the age of conan days!!!!

    Was a nice surprise to get a loyalty coupon for this a great surprise and just in time for the TBC prepatch.

    Your doing great work keep it up and remember we want more TBC classic themes, nobody wants retail wow!

  12. Stormwind State

    very easy to use and it has its own small control panel.

    the guild was able to add its own logo and update slider images with our own.

    compared to the other themes for sale on the net this one is very affordable and it also loads much faster

  13. Todd Harris

    happy with my purchase the site looks amazing since i added the tbc theme

  14. Adam L.

    I bought this theme to add to my 2nd website for classic wow and it looks real good i use the multiple faction theme from ejeet for our vanilla guild

  15. Elke

    Was painless to install and configure worth the money.

  16. Duncan U.

    beau modèle pour world of warcraft J’adore le thème et mes lecteurs de blog aussi.

  17. Lightkeepers Guild

    First time wordpress user here I’m not new to computers or anything but its the first time i have used wordpress I learned most of the system pretty quickly but the site never looked very good even with all the free themes out there.

    So I purchased this template for the upcoming burning crusade classic, the prepatch lands may 18th and WOW my site looks so good now and I literally had to do nothing extra except install the theme and it changed the entire site to look like the one in the images for the theme that I see here.

    Cancelled my enjin website and am moving forward with this setup of wordpress and tbc ultimate theme from this website as it looks better, gives me more power over my website and saves me a load of money in the long run.

  18. Sophia

    Just wanted to say thanks for adding this theme it looks really good you guys rock!

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