Footer Back link Removal


This service is discontinued.

This process is not automated and requires a recode by our staff and may take up to 72 hours.

This will give you a credit for the removal of one footer back link.

This option will remove Site Theme by: Ejeet Networks | Premium gaming themes and replace it with your own text provided.

Please note that the footer will only be edited once any further edits will come at an additional charge.

Upon making payment please contact with the exact words that you would like to replace the current footer text with.


Some examples are

” My Guild Website ”

” Your words here ”


Also provide us any links you would like placed in the footer and the text that you would like to have linked.

This service will only removed the text outlined in red with your own custom text and links that you provide you cannot make further edits to this portion of the theme.


Out of stock



This service is discontinued.

Additional information

One Time Payment

This is a one time payment that will allow one edit of the theme by our staff with the content you requested further edits will come at full charge.