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The Repopulation Player Housing Details

The Repopulation’s player housing feature has been unveiled in an update to the game’s official website. As the update explains, housing seems to be making a comeback in contemporary MMOs, though developers are often having to choose between instanced or open-world player housing.


This won’t be the case for The Repopulation, however, as Above and Beyond Technologies will look to implement instanced player housing, open-world player housing, and even player city housing.

Get the complete finished details over at the official The Repopulation website.

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World of Warcraft : Blizzard open tagging


In an interview over at GameSpy, Blizzard’s lead content designer Ion Hazzikostas explains why Blizzard hasn’t adopted the full open-tagging feature for World of Warcraft found in a number of high-profile MMOs such as RIFT and Guild Wars 2.

Open tagging, of course, refers to the ability to earn kill credit and experience simply for doing X% of damage to an enemy, regardless of whether or not you first tagged it or not. In World of Warcraft, the first player to tag an enemy gets full experience and credit, though Blizzard has made some exceptions recently for named quest targets and world bosses (tagged by your own faction).

“Part of the concern with open, free-for-all, open-tapping is that a lot of the game becomes more about tapping everything and tagging everything a little bit, especially when other players have already tapped them” he said. “Thirty seconds later, your quest completes because the other people killed them all. That’s not an ideal way to feel like you’re engaging in combat.”

Find out more about World of Warcraft.

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Elder Scrolls Online : Details About the Daggerfall Covenant

The second part of The Elder Scrolls Online “Ask Us Anything” centered on the Daggerfall Covenant has been posted on the official site. The team fielded questions from fans of the upcoming game and  covered a wide variety of topics including vampires and half-elves.

Why is the alliance called the Daggerfall Convenant? What made the Breton town of Daggerfall the main part of the name? – By Orange Jammonkey

It’s an accident of history. The First, or Breton, Daggerfall Covenant was a treaty of mutual defense signed by the Breton Kings after the defeat of Durcorach’s Reachmen Horde – which took place at Daggerfall. That battle before the gates of Daggerfall was also the first major victory of the young Emeric of Cumberland.

Read the full Q&A on The Elder Scrolls Online site.1749Daedroth