Theme & Template Feature List

When using a gaming template for your WordPress website you want to have the most up to date and most compatible technology running on your website to make the difference in your day to day quality of life. When it comes to the templates from Ejeet Networks you will always have a highly optimized website while running a wordpress theme from our premium selection.

This is a list of features that we believe stand out the most and will help highlight for you why using WordPress with our template is the best solution for your guild website.

Created by Gamers

Rest assured that every single person making our themes are gamers. We understand and can relate to the features and options you want in a guild website so we do our very best to include support for recruitment widgets, progression widgets and even ranking widgets. Our themes were designed for your game and around your game by gamers.

Modern Technology

All of our templates are created with the latest standards in HTML and CSS development, true Gutenberg support means you truly get simple editing. When the future calls your website will be ready, we always implement vast arrays of cutting edge technology which extends directly to your website allowing you to always be ready to face tomorrows technology today.

Ease of use

True what you see is what you get editing. Our themes employ the full power of the Gutenberg and Classic Editor. This means that creating content on your website has never been easier, from automatic embedding of images, videos from Twitch and YouTube, social media and much more. Your website has the full power of WordPress allowing you to have a great looking website while maintaining easy operation.


With full support for SSL our theme allows you to use your top level security without any compatibility or hard coded non secure links on your website, everything is made with security in mind and we are proud that our themes and templates are compliant with the latest secure protocol standards. * You must have a valid SSL Certificate on your server to use this function.

Plugins & Widgets

Our template is compatible with 99.9% of WordPress plugins. Ranging from recruitment plugins, to contact form mods, discord widgets, twitch badges or raid kill trackers, you can do it all as long as the plugin is compatible with wordpress then it will work on our video game templates. The power is in your hands customization is very easy and a core part of the experience.

JetPack a simple plugin with more power than you think, stop all forum spam, contact forms, universal logins, remote image hosting and so much more this is one of the greatest plugins ever made for WordPress and we give it our stamp of approval.

Recruitment (Various Games) add a cool fully customizable widget to your website displaying the current recruitment levels, for example you can have a widget display small, medium or large class icons and simply set the desired applicant level to low, medium or high, this also includes a linking ability allowing you to link this section to a page or contact form.

Progression Tracker take control of your guilds displayed progression mark bosses as dead or alive, and depending on your game such as WoW you could even set the kill level to N,H,M or Normal, Heroic or Mythic. Easy to use click save and go!

Much more! WordPress currently has over 54,000 plugins indexed on its plug-in directory with this many widgets, tools, pages and addons you are going to enjoy a very highly customizable website.