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The Frequently Asked Questions has answers to common questions, please check over the FAQ before submitting this form.

The support offered by Ejeet Networks is limited to our proprietary WordPress themes and theme customization services. We cannot provide support for third-party plugins, open source software (including WordPress itself), or server configuration and management.  

Our support team is happy to help troubleshoot any issues you may experience with your Ejeet Networks WordPress theme purchased through our website. However, we do not build or fully customize WordPress websites for our customers from the ground up. Website development and advanced customization must be handled by you or your own web professional. 

Any issues arising from the failure or functionality of any third-party software, plugins or servers should be addressed with the appropriate providers or professionals responsible for those products and services. Our theme support is limited to the core theme framework and any official Ejeet Networks extensions or options. If your issue extends beyond our theme software to other aspects of your WordPress installation or hosting, we may not be able to fully troubleshoot or address it.

We cannot offer support for issues related to web hosting, server management, WordPress installation, plugin functionality or other third party tools and services. Our support is focused specifically on our own themes and theme customization.