Universal terms and disclaimer

  1. All material presented on these pages is property of the company unless otherwise mentioned. The content can be only copied, partly or in full, with a written agreement from the company.desktop-icon
  2. The company takes no responsibility of the material provided by third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, downloadable software, material submitted by users and/or external links. This includes any intellectual, material and/or financial loss or damage arising from the use or inability to use the material.
  3. The company does not guarantee content of the external site links. This includes, but is not limited to, material violating copyrights, harmful material, and/or racist content. All links on the company’s websites are provided “as is” we encourage everyone to practice safe browsing when visiting external links.
  4. Even though the company’s servers are maintained and located in various parts of the world including the United States, the company operates under the laws of Canada , and does not take into account other national laws. All legal disputes will be handled by the District Court of Canada.
  5. Ejeet Networks does not guarantee the correctness of the information provided on or through it’s hosted websites or forums of clients.
  6. The company cannot be held responsible for any damages, financial losses or legal action the use or inability to use the websites might cause to the users or any third party.
  7. The Company will take all complaints against any member who may use this service in an abusive matter very seriously, if needed will then work with the offending users local authorities to punish them to the full extent of the offenders laws if deemed to be a threat of real world incident, we have a zero bully policy.
  8. Any person(s) sending abusive and or threats to Ejeet will have a formal complaint will be sent to several parties including not limited to the offending users Internet Service Provider.
  9. Refunds are only granted in the form of credit to your Ejeet Networks billing account  no exceptions, Refunds will never be issued for domain name(s) lease(s) setup fee(s) or labor charges.
    There may be exceptions made on our refund policy depending upon the situation
  10. You are solely responsible for your websites billing cycle, if you wish to cancel your subscription you may complete this task in your Paypal account, additionally you may cancel in the client area if no subscription exist this will be suffice otherwise you are once again responsible for any active subscription via Paypal.
  11. When a payment does not clear or is never sent with your subscription to Ejeet Networks, your hosted website will be place in a timeless state until a payment has been made. There is no grace period. If your payment fails on its due date we offer generally 3 days grace until your website will be suspended. All suspensions are automatically brought back online instantly when a payment has been made.
  12. Files hosted on your web space account are your responsibility as is website and database backups, Ejeet Networks is not responsible nor can be held liable for lost or corrupted data. In addition you may not host, sell or offer illegal content on our web servers doing so will result in an immediate closure of your website upon automated detection of such content.
  13. Any accounts found to have adult content hosted on them will be given one warning only! We can refer you to a quality adult hosting service if that is what you need but Ejeet Networks does not allow this content.
  14. Content including but not limited to themes, layout, logos, databases that are included in mmorpg plans from Ejeet Networks hosting plans remain the property Ejeet Networks under all circumstances.
  15. Domain names rented or registered through Ejeet Networks partners are configured to work with Ejeet Networks name servers & IP address allocation and none other than this allocation of our company, if you wish to move your domain purchased through Ejeet Networks to another service provider there is a one time 5.00 name server release administrative fee. The method of transfer and or account change shall be decided by Ejeet Networks on a per domain name basis.
  16. Chargebacks, disputes and fraud will result in instant termination of services and any or all contact.
  17. 24/7 Support is offered under our Support & Services Level Agreement
  18. These rules, restrictions, privacy policies, terms of service and other content of the legal arguments listed here, are subject to change anytime without notice.
  19. If you do not agree to these terms then please exit this site immediately.


About Software Third Party On Ejeet Networks
  • What is third party software?
    Third party software could come in the form of a small module such as a mod for a forum system.
  • The software provided on this site such as but not limited to WordPress, PhpBB, vBulletin, Invision power board, SMF(Lewis Media), Joomla, PHPNuke, EQDKP, MyBB, CyberChimps Blox, WebDKP, WoWRaidManager, Roster are the property of their rightful owners under both GNU/GPL, FSF and Creative Commons licenses and or Private License.
  • Ejeet Networks configures these third party files for you if you are unable to, as always we do not sell them, this is not a tangible item.
  • When you purchase hosting from Ejeet Networks you are not buying any software from Ejeet Networks unless explicitly defined.


License for Ejeet Networks Software

  • Plugins and context code for websites are distributed under the GNU LGPL unless otherwise noted.