FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What version of PHP do I need?

Our templates are written in the PHP version 8.0 language meaning prior versions such as 7.4.X and below will not work.

If you wish to use our templates you must set your php version to 8.0.X where X is a subversion such as 8.0.26

How-to Use Plugins

The following are some steps that can assist you.

Install the plugins; additionally, we recommend that you install classic widgets for WordPress; this is not required, but it is recommended.

If you go to the settings page of your WordPress website after the plugins have been installed and activated, you will see that there are now extra options available to you.

You can select WoW Progress or WoW Recruit Widget from the settings menu and start configuring them to your taste.

WoW Progress Plugin

The following screen will appear on your website when you have selected the WoW Progress plugin from the option available under the settings tab on your site.

After making your selections for the raid encounters you wish to activate and any other adjustable parameters you think you might want to use on your website, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and click the Save button.

Excellent, you have successfully enabled the raid for your widget; next, we will configure the main widget within the widgets section of your website, marking each World of Warcraft monster that you have defeated.

Now select the ” Widgets ” section once again. We recommend using the classic widgets plugin because it adds so many more options to the widgets section of WordPress. In the following screenshots, we are using classic widgets; therefore, the layout may look different than the widgets section on your website; however, the steps that you take to enable the WoW Progress widget on your website will be the same.

Now in the widgets section find and add the WoW Progress Widget and select the section you would like it to appear on, in the case of our demo site we add this widget to the ” Primary Sidebar ”

In this section you choose the WoW Progress widget.

Now you will configure the widget see the screenshot below.

Enter your guild name, and check the boxes for each kill type, or leave unchecked to leave it marked as not killed.
N = Normal
HC = Heroic
M = Mythic

Now press save, and the widget will appear on your websites page.

WoW Recruitment Widget Plugin

The following screen will appear on your website when you have selected the WoW Recruit Widget  from the option available under the settings tab on your site.

The default settings are fine for this but you can change image sizes and text that will appear in the widget, scroll down press save once completed.

Now select the ” Widgets ” section once again. We recommend using the classic widgets plugin because it adds so many more options to the widgets section of WordPress.

Select the wow-recruit-widget choose your desired area to place it such as primary sidebar.

Choose your options, leave width set to 90% or lower.

Press save and enjoy the widget on your guild site.

How do download links work?

When you purchase a digital file you will be sent an email containing your download link.

All of our digital downloadable products include a unique key which will expire after 3 file downloads  or after 30 days of purchase whichever occurs first.

How do I make payment?

Ejeet Networks utilizes PayPal for all of our transactions.

With PayPal you can send payments from existing balance, Visa or MasterCard, Bank Transfer and Check.

Your financial information is at no point in time stored on our servers, all transactions are made via PayPal.


How long does it take to get my template?

Instant Delivery

When you purchase a template from Ejeet Networks we deliver them instantly to the email inbox used in the ordering process, be certain to check your bulk or spam folders as we sent a lot of download links out some providers consider our mail bulk, if you have any problem attaining your download link please contact us and we will certainly resolve your issue.

Why are your themes so affordable?

Since we think everyone should be able to afford a professionally designed WordPress site without going into debt, we’ve made our templates highly customizable and reasonably priced. While our WordPress template solution is ready to go right out of the box, most gamers end up modding it so extensively that we barely recognize the final product and that makes us happy.


Can I customize the wordpress templates?

The themes are open source, with one exception we ask that you respect our footer copyright only.
Our footer is in place on standard editions of our themes, for removal please see our FAQ

With that in mind an advanced user can start editing right away while a novice can use our inbuilt tools to change the theme logos sliders and other various things without opening any sort of code.

What version of wordpress do I need?

As of this posting our themes work on WordPress version 6.1+ tested and working stable.

Themes are built and tested for the Stable PHP Branch of 8.0.X

All of our templates were written with the future and WordPress framework in mind thus our themes remain version 6 future proof.

Last updated December 10th, 2022 to include change to php 8.0

Do you offer refunds?

Physical (tangible) items may be returned for a full refund unopened within 30 days of purchase.

No refunds are available on virtual goods and services such as templates or web hosting.

What are your operating hours?

Our sales and billing teams are live Monday to Friday 10:00AM to 7:00PM EST

Our support team is active 24×7 365 if anything goes wrong we are here to solve it.

Can I purchase a custom template for my website?

Absolutely, we got you covered you can contact us right now and let us know you need a template created and we will get our gnomish field engineers on it.

Do you setup my site for me?

No. Ejeet does not setup your website for you,

We can only offer assistance with technical aspects of our template and not that of your WordPress installation, content creation etc.

How do I Install my WordPress Theme?

To install our WordPress themes first you visit your WordPress installation administrator area, from there you click on Appearance then the sub-menu Themes, once you are here There is a button called Add New press that then choose the zip file for the template, this is standard and recommended way to install templates.

If you upload via FTP and do not use the correct transport mode the scripts in the php will cause error so we highly suggest uploading the zip via package manager unless you know what you are doing.


Will your template work with Joomla? SMF? Phpbb? Other CMS apps?

Our templates are strictly created to work with wordpress, you are welcome to modify them to work on other platforms they will however not work on said platforms without being ported to platform you may be interested in.

How do I operate the image Slider?

Operating and adding images to your slider is easy!

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Section
2. Visit your theme settings Under Appearance -> Your theme name Theme Options
3. Once in the theme admin section press Featured Posts then scroll down and choose your images.

Edit your desired areas then save.

What is Branding Removal?

Branding Removal occurs when purchase an additional version of the template you have purchased.

For example the footer link in your website will include your site name and details on the left of the footer, plus any other additions you make, this is standard.

However the text and links on the right portion of your themes footer will read something similar to “Site Theme by: Ejeet Networks | Premium gaming themes

This text is our copyright to the theme layout much like the fact you cannot remove the brand from a can of soda pop, a pair of head-phones, your Microsoft operating system and you cannot remove the brand attached to the video game you play.

We do however offer an option for an additional fee to remove the text and have it replaced with the text of your choice, more details can be >found here<

I’m interested in a game not listed here. What can I do?

If we do not have a template listed for the game you are looking for then we simply do not have one for your game at this time, however if you really want a wordpress theme for your website we can help you create a custom template for your website, simply contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Can you help me install wordpress on my host?

Ejeet is a theme/template service we generally do not engage in operations related to the installation of WordPress on a clients website.

We highly suggest reaching out to your webhost for installing WordPress there usually is an option to install it from within the hosting panel, if not — the wordpress platform is very user friendly and easy to install from the zip archive on wordpress.org.

However if you require a professional installation and optimization of WordPress that can be arranged for a fee.


I’ve seen a theme thats not listed here.

I have seen a theme that is not listed here for sale but it says Ejeet Networks on it.

That is a very common question, simply use the contact us button and give us a link to the site you have in question and we will see if its something we can help you with as it may have been a special edition template, a retired template or in the more likely event its a custom template that we created for the site you have in question.