FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What version of PHP do I need?

Our templates are written in PHP version 8.0, so you will need PHP 8.0.X or higher to use them, where X is the latest subversion (such as PHP 8.0.26).

Earlier versions of PHP like 7.4.X and below will not work with our templates.How do I update my PHP version?

The exact steps to update your PHP version will depend on your hosting environment:

Shared Hosting:
Contact your hosting provider and request that they update your account to use PHP 8.0. They should be able to update your PHP version to the latest stable release

.VPS or Dedicated Server:
If you have access to your server configuration, you can follow these basic steps:

1. Back up your PHP configuration files and data in case you need to revert the update.

2. Update your PHP installation to the latest PHP 8.0 version. The exact steps will depend on your operating system. You may be able to download an installer from php.net or use a system package manager like apt, yum, or brew.

3. Make sure your PHP files have the .php extension and the handler has been updated to PHP 8.0.

4. Restart your web server like Apache or Nginx so it loads the new PHP configuration.

5. Test your PHP apps and scripts to ensure they function properly with PHP 8.0 before deploying to production.6. Update any software on your server that relies on PHP, such as Content Management Systems, to versions that fully support PHP 8.0


How-to Use Plugins

The following are some steps that can assist you.

Install the plugins; additionally, we recommend that you install classic widgets for WordPress; this is not required, but it is recommended.

If you go to the settings page of your WordPress website after the plugins have been installed and activated, you will see that there are now extra options available to you.

You can select WoW Progress or WoW Recruit Widget from the settings menu and start configuring them to your taste.

WoW Progress Plugin

The following screen will appear on your website when you have selected the WoW Progress plugin from the option available under the settings tab on your site.

After making your selections for the raid encounters you wish to activate and any other adjustable parameters you think you might want to use on your website, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and click the Save button.

Excellent, you have successfully enabled the raid for your widget; next, we will configure the main widget within the widgets section of your website, marking each World of Warcraft monster that you have defeated.

Now select the ” Widgets ” section once again. We recommend using the classic widgets plugin because it adds so many more options to the widgets section of WordPress. In the following screenshots, we are using classic widgets; therefore, the layout may look different than the widgets section on your website; however, the steps that you take to enable the WoW Progress widget on your website will be the same.

Now in the widgets section find and add the WoW Progress Widget and select the section you would like it to appear on, in the case of our demo site we add this widget to the ” Primary Sidebar ”

In this section you choose the WoW Progress widget.

Now you will configure the widget see the screenshot below.

Enter your guild name, and check the boxes for each kill type, or leave unchecked to leave it marked as not killed.
N = Normal
HC = Heroic
M = Mythic

Now press save, and the widget will appear on your websites page.

WoW Recruitment Widget Plugin

The following screen will appear on your website when you have selected the WoW Recruit Widget  from the option available under the settings tab on your site.

The default settings are fine for this but you can change image sizes and text that will appear in the widget, scroll down press save once completed.

Now select the ” Widgets ” section once again. We recommend using the classic widgets plugin because it adds so many more options to the widgets section of WordPress.

Select the wow-recruit-widget choose your desired area to place it such as primary sidebar.

Choose your options, leave width set to 90% or lower.

Press save and enjoy the widget on your guild site.

How do download links work?

When you purchase a digital theme from us, here’s how the download process works:

• Within minutes of completing your purchase, you will receive an email with your theme download link. This link is unique to your purchase and will allow you to download your WordPress theme files.

• For security and licensing reasons, your download link will expire after a limited number of downloads or number of days. This means you should download your theme files as soon as you purchase. Your email will specify the exact expiration details for your link.

• Your download link will allow you to download a .zip file containing your WordPress theme. This .zip file will include all theme files required to install and run the theme, including PHP files, CSS files, JS files, images, and any plugins/widgets included with your theme purchase.

• If you have any issues downloading your theme or if your download link has expired, please contact our support team immediately and we’ll work to resolve the issue and restore access to your theme.

• When downloading, unzipping and installing your WordPress theme, take care not to modify the files in any way. Doing so may void your theme support and license.

How do I make payment?

We accept payments through PayPal, a trusted global payment processor. PayPal allows you to pay securely using either your PayPal account balance, bank account, debit or credit card.

To make a purchase and payment, here is our process:

1. Add the WordPress theme(s) you wish to purchase to your cart on our website. You can add multiple themes to your cart at once.

2. When you’re ready to checkout, click the “Checkout” button to proceed to make payment.

3. On the checkout page, you will see a summary of your purchase. Review and ensure everything is correct. Then, click “Continue to Payment”.

4. You will be directed to PayPal to securely enter your payment information and complete the transaction.

5. PayPal accepts all major debit/credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can also pay directly from your PayPal balance or linked bank account if you have an existing PayPal account.

6. Once your payment is complete, you will receive payment confirmation and receipt emails from both our store and from PayPal. Your purchase details and theme download links will be included in the emails.

7. Your theme download links and purchases are available indefinitely in your account area on our website. You can download your themes anytime by logging into your account.

8. Your financial details are entered and stored solely with PayPal, not directly on our website.

We hope this helps explain how to easily and securely make a purchase from our store using your preferred payment method through PayPal.


How can I tell if these products are safe.


We take pride in providing secure and safe products. This is why we use various well-known third party services to audit our website.

You can view the reports and see that we return 100% safe.

1. Tested secure by Google Safe Browsing. Google scans our website and has found no malicious content.

2. Rated as “Safe” by Norton Safe Web. Norton, a leading cybersecurity company, scanes our website regularly and has found no threats.

3. Tested clean by McAfee SiteAdvisor. McAfee, another top cybersecurity company, scans our website and has found no issues.

4. Tested safe by Sucuri Labs. Sucuri is an industry leader in website security and malware detection. They scan our website regularly and have detected no malware or blacklisting issues.

5. Phish-free by PhishTank. PhishTank, a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing, scans our website and has found no evidence of phishing.

6. Rated Secure by Opera. Opera, one of the world’s major browser developers, has determined our website is secure with no detected threats.

7. Zero Spam by Spamhaus. Spamhaus, one of the world’s most trusted and relied upon spam and malware databases, has found no evidence of spam originating from our website.

In summary, our website is routinely scanned by many of the top website security companies and services, and all have found it to be 100% safe and free of malware, spam, phishing or other threats. Please feel confident purchasing from and interacting with our website. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  1. Tested secure by Google
  2. Tested safe by Norton
  3. Tested clean by McAfee
  4. Tested safe by Sucuri Labs
  5. Phish Free by PhishTank
  6. Rated Secure by Opera
  7. Zero Spam by Spamhaus

How long does it take to get my template?

Instant Delivery

When you purchase a template from Ejeet Networks we deliver them instantly to the email inbox used in the ordering process, be certain to check your bulk or spam folders as we sent a lot of download links out some providers consider our mail bulk, if you have any problem attaining your download link please contact us and we will certainly resolve your issue.

Why are your themes so affordable?

We believe that professionally designed WordPress themes should be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to provide high quality yet affordable WordPress solutions so that any individual or business can have an exceptional online presence.

  • We build versatile, customizable themes – Our themes come with multiple page templates, color options and widget areas so you can easily match a theme to your needs without expensive customization.
  • Efficient development process – With years of experience developing WordPress themes, we’ve refined our development process to focus on what really matters for a great user experience while keeping costs down.
  • Low overhead business model – As a small, dedicated WordPress theme shop, we have little extra overhead costs that we need to build into our pricing. We’re able to keep operations efficient and pass on the savings.

While our themes are very affordable, we do not cut corners on quality. We build themes that we would be personally proud to use, and our clients expect and receive that same level of quality and care with a purchase from us. Professional, handcrafted and versatile WordPress themes at a price anyone can afford – that is our goal.

We hope this clarifies why we’re able to provide such affordable, professional WordPress themes. Let us know if you have any other questions! 


Can I customize the wordpress templates?

The themes are open source, with one exception we ask that you respect our footer copyright only.

Our WordPress themes are released under an open source license, meaning you have full access to edit and modify the theme code as needed. However, we do ask that you keep the default theme footer intact. The footer simply contains a link back to our website so that others can find the theme it must remain intact.

Aside from the footer, feel free to customize the theme in any way needed for your website. This includes but is not limited to:

•Editing the HTML, CSS, PHP and other code files
•Adding or removing theme options and features
•Adjusting page templates, post types or taxonomies
• Integrating third party plugins to extend functionality
•Changing the theme styling and layout
•Translating the theme into your language
•Removing or editing images and icon sets
•Renaming the theme folder and files

Our themes are built to be versatile, and the open code means full flexibility for developers or designers to customize extensively. For less technical users, our themes also include built-in customizer tools to make changes without needing to edit the code, like:

• Adding your logo
• Selecting page templates
• Configuring site menus and widgets
• Enabling options like breadcrumbs, featured images, and more

You can use either the built-in customization tools or dig into the open code files to tailor the theme to your needs.

What version of wordpress do I need?

As of this posting our themes work on WordPress version 6.4+ tested and working stable.

Themes are built and tested for the Stable PHP Branch of 8.0.X

All of our templates were written with the future and WordPress framework in mind thus our themes remain version WordPress 6 future proof.

Last updated Feb 7th, 2024 to include changes to WordPress 6.4

Do you offer refunds?

We do not currently offer refunds on any of our WordPress themes or digital goods. All theme sales are final at the time of purchase.

Some reasons refunds are not applicable:

• Digital themes are intangible goods that are made available immediately after purchase. Once a theme has been downloaded, it is not possible to revoke access or “return” the item.

• Our themes can be previewed in detail on our website to evaluate if it suits your needs before you purchase. We recommend reviewing all theme details and the live demo before making a purchase.

We appreciate your understanding that due to the nature of digital themes and our small business, we cannot accommodate refund requests. However, we strive to be transparent in our policies, provide high quality themes and support, and recommend fully evaluating any theme before making your purchase.

What are your operating hours?

Our sales and billing teams are live Monday to Friday 10:00AM to 7:00PM EST

Our support team is active 24×7 365 if anything goes wrong we are here to solve it.

Can I purchase a custom template for my website?

Yes, we offer custom WordPress theme design services.

If you need a completely unique website theme designed for your needs, our team can help build a custom solution.

Some of the custom design services we offer include:• Custom page templates to match your desired layouts
• Unique color palettes, fonts, and styling
• Custom post types and taxonomies for your content
• Integrating custom plugins or functionality
• Responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices
• WooCommerce integration for online stores
• Custom widgets, shortcodes and theme options
• Content input and layout recommendations
• Complete design mockups for your approval
• Valid HTML5 and CSS3 code
• Commented, organized code for easy editing

To get started with a custom WordPress theme project, here is our process:

1. Contact us through our website and let us know you’re interested in a custom theme design.

2. We will schedule a call to discuss your project needs, goals, content, and overall vision. This helps ensure we have all details needed to provide an accurate quote.

3. Based on the scope of your project, we will provide a custom quote for the design work needed. Quotes will vary depending on the complexity of your theme.

4. If you wish to move forward, we will have you sign off on our custom theme design contract and get started!

5. We design, develop and test your new WordPress theme, with your input and feedback throughout the project.

6. You receive the complete, professional theme for your new website, with a support period included.

Please feel free to contact us through our website to get started with your custom WordPress theme project. We look forward to working with you!

Do you setup my site for me?

No, Ejeet Networks does not offer full website setup services. We provide only the WordPress theme, images, and plugins included with your purchase.

You are responsible for:

• Setting up your own WordPress website including installing WordPress, establishing hosting and domain, and database configuration

• Installing the Ejeet Networks theme you have purchased by uploading and activating the zipped theme folder

• Customizing the theme using the WordPress customizer and theme options panel to select colors, logos, menus, etc. We provide documentation to assist with basic customization

• Adding your own content such as blog posts, pages, images, media, menus, widgets, etc. We do not create or edit content•Configuring any additional plugins beyond what is included with your theme. We only provide access to the plugins packaged with the theme purchase

• Ongoing maintenance, updates, security, and management of your WordPress site

• Troubleshooting any issues with your WordPress website or third-party service integrations

•Website design consulting or services beyond the scope of the included WordPress theme We cannot log into or have access to your website.

We are unable to directly setup, configure, design, or fully build your website for you. Our themes are meant as tools to get you started, but ultimately you are responsible for using the provided theme and implementing it for your needs.

While we offer responsive support and will help troubleshoot any issues with the actual theme to the best of our ability, we cannot manage or maintain your website for you or handle aspects beyond the scope of the theme itself. Please keep this in mind if you require a fully customized WordPress solution. We simply provide a design and tool set but all implementation and work required for your website remain your responsibility.

I can’t install my template it says no style.css

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions so it’s now in the FAQ.

Short answer: You are not uploading the correct file.

Long answer:

The reason WordPress has informed you of no “style.css” in the .zip file you uploaded to your site while uploading what you thought was the theme file is very simple.  this zip file contains other zip files including your template zip, hence the template is in the template or theme folder of the archive or zip file.

The “no style.css” error simply means you uploaded an incorrect file that did not actually contain the theme folder WordPress needed. By extracting the complete download ZIP, locating the true theme folder and compressing only that into a standard ZIP, you can successfully install the WordPress theme. please see the screenshot.

Extract Template Zip File
Folder Structure

Ejeet Networks themes and templates come packaged in a standard .ZIP container, once you have downloaded our template package file you will then have to extract this file to then attain the actual template files, plugins and stock images for your own use.

You can use your systems built in extraction for this or a tool like 7ZIP which is cross platform.

How do I Install my Wordpress Theme?

To install our WordPress themes first you visit your WordPress installation administrator area, from there you click on Appearance then the sub-menu Themes, once you are here There is a button called Add New press that then choose the zip file for the template, this is standard and recommended way to install templates.

If you upload via FTP and do not use the correct transport mode the scripts in the php will cause error so we highly suggest uploading the zip via package manager unless you know what you are doing.

To install one of our WordPress themes, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your WordPress admin area. This is the control panel for your WordPress website that allows you to manage themes, posts, pages and more.

2. From the left menu, click on “Appearance” then “Themes”. This will show you any currently installed themes on your site.

3. Click the “Add New” button at the top of the page. This opens the Theme Installer section.

4. Click “Upload Theme” and then “Choose File”. Select the ZIP file for your theme which would have been included in your download email.

5. Click “Install Now”. WordPress will now upload the theme ZIP file and install the theme.

6. Once installation is complete, click “Activate” to activate the newly installed theme. Your site will now be displayed using that theme.

Important notes:

• We recommend using the “Upload Theme” button to install themes by uploading the ZIP folder. This is the safest way to install without file permission errors. Do not extract and upload the theme folder directly using FTP.

• Make sure you are uploading the correct ZIP file for your theme. Each theme will have a unique ZIP package with its own folder name.

• Only install one WordPress theme at a time. Activating multiple themes can cause conflicts and errors.


Will your template work with Joomla? SMF? Phpbb? Other CMS apps?

No, our WordPress themes are strictly designed and developed to work with the WordPress content management system. They will not work with Joomla, SMF, phpBB or any other CMS platforms out of the box.

To use our WordPress themes on another CMS, significant modifications to the theme files and functionality would be required. This includes but is not limited to:

– Replacing all WordPress function calls and features with the target CMS platform’s options
– Re-coding themes to work with the target platform’s template/theming systems
– Testing and debugging the new theme to work properly
– Ensuring all added plugins/functionality integrates with the new platform  Porting a theme from WordPress to another CMS is essentially building a new theme from scratch to match the look and design of the original. It requires advanced PHP, CSS, and web development skills to undertake.

We do not currently offer “porting” or migration services for our WordPress themes. They remain reliant on the WordPress platform to function as intended and designed. If you’re looking for a theme or template for Joomla, SMF, phpBB or another CMS platform, we recommend searching for themes specifically built for that platform.

There are many theme shops and designers that focus on each CMS with options to choose from.

We hope this clarifies that our WordPress themes are designed solely for WordPress and will not work with other platforms out of the box.

How do I operate the image Slider?

Operating and adding images to your slider is easy!

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Section
2. Visit your theme settings Under Appearance -> Your theme name Theme Options
3. Once in the theme admin section press Featured Posts then scroll down and choose your images.

Edit your desired areas then save.

I’m interested in a game not listed here. What can I do?

If we do not have a template listed for the game you are looking for then we simply do not have one for your game at this time, however if you really want a wordpress theme for your website we can help you create a custom template for your website, simply contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Can you help me install wordpress on my host?

We apologize, but we do not directly install WordPress on client hosting accounts. As a theme shop, our services are limited to providing WordPress themes and support for our products.

However, installing WordPress is typically quite easy, and there are a few options:

1. Contact your web host’s support – Many hosts offer a quick WordPress install option through your hosting control panel or can install it for you upon request. They will have the best knowledge to install WordPress on their servers.

2. Install WordPress yourself – If your host does not offer an install option, you can easily install WordPress yourself with a few clicks. Here’s how:- Download the latest WordPress zip file from WordPress.org
– Unzip the file on your computer
– FTP upload the WordPress folder to your host server. Usually in the public_html or www folder.
– Visit your domain to launch the WordPress installation screen
– Follow the simple steps to set up your site name, account info and you’re done!

3. Pay for a professional WordPress Installation – If you need help from WordPress professionals, we do offer a glove installation and launch service for clients for a one-time fee. We will handle downloading and installing the latest WordPress, selecting a theme, and setting up your site content/pages to get you up and running quickly. Contact us for details and pricing.

We hope this helps explain the WordPress installation options.


I’ve seen a theme thats not listed here.

I have seen a theme that is not listed here for sale but it says Ejeet Networks on it.

That is a very common question, simply use the contact us button and give us a link to the site you have in question and we will see if its something we can help you with as it may have been a special edition template, a retired template or in the more likely event its a custom template that we created for the site you have in question.