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Premium Dragonflight Theme For WordPress

Are you ready to take your World of Warcraft guild to the next level? The Dragonflight WoW Theme is the ultimate website solution created by gamers, for gamers. This premium WordPress theme provides all the tools you need to build an impressive guild website to help strengthen your community.

With the Dragonflight WoW Theme and the power of WordPress, you’ll be able to:

• Track your guild’s progression through the latest Dragonflight raids. Our integrated progression tracker lets you easily mark bosses as defeated on Normal, Heroic or Mythic difficulty. Your members and potential recruits will be able to see your cutting edge progress.

• Recruit the best new members for your guild. Our recruitment widget makes it simple to list openings for all character classes and the new Evoker hero class. Set applicant levels to low, medium or high and link directly to your application page or contact form.  

• Engage your existing members with the latest news and updates using WordPress posts. Increase participation by allowing comments on your posts. You can create news posts, strategy guides, open officer positions, and spotlights on star members.

• Build out your site with additional pages like “About Us”, “Join”, “Charter” and more using the WordPress page builder. Add images, columns, buttons and see live changes.

• Integrate other useful plugins like event calendars, forums, message boards and chat platforms.

• Customize your site use the power of WordPress to create custom CSS, HTML and PHP for advanced modifications.  

The best Dragon Flight theme for WordPress

View BFA Demo SiteCertified Dragonflight Expansion Ready Boss Kill Trackers, Recruitment.

Created by Gamers

Forged by gamers who have already braved the Dragon Isles, the Dragonflight WoW Theme is optimized for conquest in World of Warcraft. We have poured our hard-won knowledge of how to thrive in this strange new land into this theme so your guild can blaze a path to glory. The only limits are your own ambition! Tame the skies and make your destiny – download the Dragonflight WoW Theme today!


Dragonflight wordpress theme free download wow


We are excited to release the all-new Dragonflight WordPress theme, perfect for World of Warcraft fansites and guilds. After the success of our previous Shadowlands theme, we incorporated feedback and fully rebuilt this theme from the ground up to be faster, more customizable, and perfectly tailored for WoW communities. 

Whether you lead a large raiding guild or just play casually with friends, the Dragonflight WordPress theme has everything you need to build a fantastic fan site. We’ve spent over 200 hours crafting this theme for our fellow WoW players and are thrilled to share it with you. Adventure awaits – for the Horde and for the Alliance!

Modern Technology

Our templates are created with semantic, accessible HTML, modern PHP, and CSS best practices. True Gutenberg integration means an intuitive editing experience and future-proof front end. We implement web standards and stay on the cutting edge of technology so your site is always ready for what’s next. 

The World of Warcraft theme uses the WordPress theme system, so you have full control to modify, extend, and build on top of it. You can create content quickly and confidently, knowing the foundation is robust and reliable.

This theme transforms a generic WordPress install into a stylish gaming community site, providing you and your visitors a welcoming virtual space to connect over your shared passions. 

The only requirements are a WordPress site and PHP 8.0-compatible hosting. For developers, the theme files can also run locally on your own computer for testing and customization. The standards-based, modular code and extensive inline documentation make the theme easy to build on top of.


Dragonflight World of Warcraft Progress Tracker Plugin for WordPress with Advanced features

Ease of use

It’s true: what you see is what you get in terms of content editing. Our themes employ the full power of the Gutenberg and Classic Editor. This means that creating content for your website has never been easier, with automatic embedding of images, videos from Twitch and YouTube, social media, and much more. Your website has the full power of WordPress, allowing you to have a great looking website while maintaining easy operation.

The possibilities are endless; create the role playing community you’ve always dreamed of by utilizing the highly adaptable media library provided by WordPress and combining it with our theme, which will make every facet of your website look so good while you’re doing it. Perhaps you’re looking for a concept for a raiding guild that takes its job seriously. You won’t have any problems, as we have an awesome boss kill tracking WordPress plugin implemented for the Dragonflight expansion, from the very beginning to the very end. This guarantees that you will always be ready for the next content patch. You are also able to embed the score pages for raider.io, wow-progress, and any other web-based system.

Dragonflight Recruitment Plugin for WordPress find new members for your guild.

Do you want to see how the theme looks on a website that is currently online? You can get an idea of how your guild website might look if you use our theme by checking out the screenshots and the live demo that are presented on this page. For a quick rundown of what’s provided, the demo site is a perfect representation of the core template you’ll receive.

View BFA Demo Site  

The Dragonflight WoW Theme – Beautiful. Powerful. Affordable.

While the competitors charge exorbitant rates for dated, unoptimized themes, Dragonflight offers a premium experience for an unbeatable value. The only theme designed specifically for World of Warcraft guilds, Dragonflight provides stunning style, simplicity and affordability – why settle for anything less? Choose the theme as bold and ambitious as your guild.

Unleash Your Guild’s Potential with Powerful Plugins

The Dragonflight WoW Theme is compatible with over 54,000 WordPress plugins, giving you ultimate control over your guild’s destiny.

Ranging from recruitment and progression trackers to contact forms, security enhancements and social media integrations, you’ll find everything you need to build the perfect lair.

• Jetpack is one of the most powerful plugins available, stopping comment spam, providing contact forms, one-click logins and image hosting. We give Jetpack our enthusiastic approval for any guild.

• Recruitment plugins let you easily list openings for all classes and specs. Set application levels to low, medium or high and link to application forms and challenges. Show your server you only want the best!

• Progression trackers mark bosses defeated on Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties. Simply check boxes to update your latest conquests, then save to display your prowess to rivals and recruits alike. 

• Security plugins cloak your site in powerful enchantments to fend off data dragons, malware mages and other internet evils that prey on the unprotected.

• Contact form plugins provide an easy way for applicants and allies alike to reach you, without giving away your personal information.

The power is in your hands to build the perfect lair. Every plugin and customization option in WordPress is available to you, limited only by your imagination. Forge the destiny your guild deserves – begin installing plugins and watch your site take flight today!

Dragonflight Theme System Requirements

To unleash the full power of the Dragonflight WoW Theme, your guild’s website must meet the following system requirements:

• WordPress 6.3 or higher is required. As beta testers of WordPress, we build all our themes on the latest versions to access innovative Dragonflight WoW features as soon as they hatch. 

• PHP Version 8.0 is necessary for the complex dragonhide coding in our theme. Prior versions were not bred for the dangers of the Dragon isles and future versions are too unpredictable for our exacting tastes. 

• MySQL 8.0.0 or greater will be needed to contain the hordes of data on all things Dragonflight. Earlier MySQL versions lack the cunning and strength to hold dominion over such information. 

• Most burning questions have already been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section, where we have compiled knowledge from the greatest dragon sages on how to get the most from your new lair. All that remains is for you to stake your claim over the website builder and begin your conquest!

Additional information

WordPress Version

Compatible with WordPress version 6.1+, Tested working with version 6.1.1

PHP Version

This theme has been programmed and designed to work on PHP 8.0.

The template will not work on prior versions of PHP and will be experimental on version 8.1.


You get 365 days of support and updates with your purchase.