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Dragonflight WoW logo WordPress addon

Premium Dragonflight Theme For WordPress

The ultimate WoW Dragonflight WordPress template for your guild website. Accept no substitutes this is the best Dragonflight warcraft theme for WordPress.

The best Dragon Flight theme for WordPress

View BFA Demo SiteCertified Dragonflight Expansion Ready Boss Kill Trackers, Recruitment.

Created by Gamers

Rest assured that every single person making the great website themes on Ejeet Networks are gamers. We understand and can relate to the features and options you want in a guild website, Our mission statement is to do our very best to include support for recruitment widgets, progression widgets, and even ranking widgets. Our themes were designed for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight by gamers who just as much if not more then you.


Dragonflight wordpress theme free download wow

There is no better World of Warcraft: Dragonflight theme for WordPress than Dragonflight. Following Shadowlands’s overwhelming success, we listened to your suggestions and tweaked our WordPress theme until it was perfect. As you can see on our demo site, this WordPress template for WoW guilds theme loads pages quickly and looks great because of a brand new backend core built around PHP 8.0. The Dragon Flight theme for WordPress is fully compatible with WordPress 6.1, offers complete support for the Gutenberg editor, and is so streamlined that it has absolutely no bloat.

Modern Technology

All of our templates are created with the latest standards in HTML, PHP and CSS development, and true Gutenberg support means you get truly simple editing. When the future calls, your website will be ready. We always implement vast arrays of cutting-edge technology that extends directly to your website, allowing you to always be ready to face tomorrow’s technology today.


The World of Warcraft theme relies solely on the WordPress core theming system, so you can modify it, make your own add-ons, and install them without worrying about breaking anything. Using our theme, you can create a page or news post in a matter of minutes. Our theme is, without a doubt, the World of Warcraft website theme that is the easiest to use. Your highly generic WordPress site can instantly transform into a professional gaming website with our Dragonflight WordPress theme, providing you and your fellow gamers with a safe haven on the internet.

All you need is a web site that is running WordPress or a web host that supports WordPress and PHP 8.0. In addition, if you have the necessary knowledge, you can even use an Ejeet theme similar to this one on your own personal computer when it is set up to function as a web server.


With full support for SSL, our theme allows you to use your top-level security without any compatibility or hard coded non secure links on your website. Everything is made with security in mind, and we are proud that our themes and templates are compliant with the latest secure protocol standards. * You must have a valid SSL certificate on your server to use this function.

Dragonflight World of Warcraft Progress Tracker Plugin for WordPress with Advanced features

Ease of use

It’s true: what you see is what you get in terms of content editing. Our themes employ the full power of the Gutenberg and Classic Editor. This means that creating content for your website has never been easier, with automatic embedding of images, videos from Twitch and YouTube, social media, and much more. Your website has the full power of WordPress, allowing you to have a great looking website while maintaining easy operation.

The possibilities are endless; create the role playing community you’ve always dreamed of by utilizing the highly adaptable media library provided by WordPress and combining it with our theme, which will make every facet of your website look so good while you’re doing it. Perhaps you’re looking for a concept for a raiding guild that takes its job seriously. You won’t have any problems, as we have an awesome boss kill tracking WordPress plugin implemented for the Dragonflight expansion, from the very beginning to the very end. This guarantees that you will always be ready for the next content patch. You are also able to embed the score pages for, wow-progress, and any other web-based system.

Dragonflight Recruitment Plugin for WordPress find new members for your guild.

Do you want to see how the theme looks on a website that is currently online? You can get an idea of how your guild website might look if you use our theme by checking out the screenshots and the live demo that are presented on this page. For a quick rundown of what’s provided, the demo site is a perfect representation of the core template you’ll receive. In addition to add-ons that let you replicate the look and feel of our demo site in your own installation. Discord and other popular social media buttons are included in these plugins, and you can easily add or remove networks like these, as well as others (the theme is highly flexible):, twitch, etc. You’ll be able to track your guild’s growth with our progress tracker, use a recruitment widget that supports all current classes in Dragonflight including the Evoker, and access a plethora of other features. All the amazing plugins that are compatible with WordPress are also compatible with our theme. View BFA Demo Site  

Dragonflight is the most stunning, user-friendly, and cost-effective WordPress theme out there.

Plugins & Widgets

Our template is compatible with 99.9% of WordPress plugins. Ranging from recruitment plugins, to contact form mods, discord widgets, twitch badges, or raid kill trackers, you can do it all as long as the plugin is compatible with WordPress; then it will work on our video game templates. The power is in your hands, and customization is very easy and a core part of the experience.

JetPack is a simple plugin with more power than you think. It stops all comment spam, provides effective contact forms, universal logins, remote image hosting, and so much more. This is one of the greatest plugins ever made for WordPress and we give it our stamp of approval.

Recruitment Add a cool, fully customizable widget to your website displaying the current recruitment levels. For example, you can have a widget display small, medium, or large class icons and simply set the desired applicant level to low, medium, or high. This also includes a linking ability allowing you to link this section to a page or contact form.

Progression Tracker allows you to take control of your guild’s displayed progression, marking bosses as dead or alive; depending on your game, such as World of Warcraft, you could even set the kill level to N,H,M or Normal, Heroic, or Mythic. Simple to use: simply click, save, and go!

Much more! WordPress currently has over 54,000 plugins indexed in its plug-in

Dragonflight Theme System Requirements

  • This is a premium website template/theme for WordPress, thus it will only work on WordPress
  • The template was designed for the latest WordPress 6 platform ( 6.X )
  • PHP Version 8.0 is required to use this template, prior versions will not work and future versions considered experimental.
  • Most questions asked are listed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional information

WordPress Version

Compatible with WordPress version 6.1+, Tested working with version 6.1.1

PHP Version

This theme has been programmed and designed to work on PHP 8.0.

The template will not work on prior versions of PHP and will be experimental on version 8.1.


You get 365 days of support and updates with your purchase.

19 reviews for Dragonflight WoW Theme

  1. Jamie

    Been waiting for this one sooo long now finally you have released it!

    Looks good I’m happy and my guild is happy.

    • Ejeet Networks


      Thank you for sticking with us for all these years!

      Now get out there and slay some dragons.

  2. Warlords Guild

    Working excellent I was wondering if you will be making a light colored version in the future?

  3. Tom

    Working like a gnomish engineer!

  4. Ali


  5. Verified Buyer

    merci pour le thème du site il fonctionne très bien sur mon site

  6. Hans

    Can’t believe that I’m still making guild sites in 2022 wow how the time flies but you know it saves lots of time to use a product like this so 5 stars based just on how easy it is to use this.

  7. Chaos Inc.

    The guild wanted to try and take this expansion serious so I bought this template to help make us legit on the net so far everyone is happy with it.

  8. Verified Buyer

    Its a little on the expensive side for me but it really does wonders for my community wow website. Would have gave the theme 5 stars if the price was a tad bit lower.

  9. Todd Mackison

    First time making a site I was able to get some pretty cheap hosting for wordpress then I tried to make a site and that didn’t go so well.

    Seen this theme running on a website from one of the guilds on my server asked the guild master about how she made it she told me that you can get the themes for wordpress here.

    Thanks for making this it helps us Peons get websites online quickly! would definitely suggest your site in the future.

  10. Sara

    Thanks for this the updated mods for evoker are a dream come true

  11. Verified Buyer

    I was able to download and install the theme in under a few minutes everything is going smooth just need to add some content to my guild website now.

  12. Verified Buyer

    Funktioniert gut und sieht gut aus. Vielen Dank, dass Sie dieses neue Drachenschwarm-Design hinzugefügt haben

  13. Verified Buyer

    Lets see how long it takes to kill the bosses I just want to update this new progression tracker come on blizz get the new raid going!

    Theme was easy to download and install and the site really is faster.

    One side note; I had to update my websites php to version 8.0 before that I had a white screen on 7.4 other then that the theme is really good and is not really an issue with the theme just that I didn’t read that it needed the new version to run.

    • Ejeet Networks

      Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out to us lots of people are/were still using older versions of PHP, however they have officially been discontinued by the developers of PHP.

      We held onto supporting the older version 7.X as long as we could but alas the time had come to rocket our software into the future.

      Thanks so much for your support and praise.

  14. Erik C.

    Excellent theme happy with my purchase it was more affordable to buy this template then to spend hundreds of hours making something similar.

  15. Verified Buyer

    If only the mythic raids were as easy to use as this template!

  16. YOLO Guild

    After purchasing this theme a few days ago, I felt compelled to come back and express how pleased I am with the final product. It only took a few clicks for me to upload the logo that belongs to our guild.

    Many thanks for putting this together.

  17. Quad Guild

    Despite this being my first attempt at creating a website, I was successful in installing WordPress with the help of a service offered by my web server called “one click install WordPress.”

    My website first appeared to be quite basic, but after a short read through the frequently asked questions and the installation of your theme, it resembled a polished guild website.

    The gaming community would be in a much better state if more companies produced things like this theme that were  simple to set up and operate.

  18. Samson L.

    Was easy to add to my site. No issues so far 5/5

  19. Verified Buyer

    Thank you for optimising the theme to such a degree that it loads incredibly quickly even on my low-cost webhosting provider. The dragonflight version of the theme loads far more quickly than the shadowlands version.

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