We have been hosting guild websites for over 10 years, everyday we learn more and more, our client to service provider is basically on a first name basis, everyone is like one big family unlike money starved companies just pushing content regardless of its quality, we here at Ejeet Networks do not have slack when it comes to web hosting we use certified data centers, certified staff members and of course our servers are maxed out when it comes to specs, our current web hosting nodes that are not virtualized, but real dedicated servers have 24 cores, 48 threads, 10TB drive allocation and 128GB of DDR3 RAM.

If those specs still did not sell you to choose us based on specs alone you will take confidence in our backup array system keeping your data intact all while keeping the main portion of your website on a pure solid state SSD to ensure the very fastest possible hardware level loading. Still not sold? Our network has a 10gbps uplink per server node, that makes us ahead of general data center standards by 10 years where they are still advertising 100mbps or 1gbps connections.

So now that you know all of this about our hosting the next step would be to select what route is best for you as we offer two complete divisions hosting, one being that of standard hosting where you are issued your hosting account credentials and the rest is up to you such as loading any php scripts or html pages.


The other option which is our most popular option is our semi-managed guild hosting platform, with this we will provide you with the same high quality hosting account where you will still be issued your account details with the same amount of tools, options and scripts as our standard hosting however the part that makes our guild hosting stand out is that we setup WordPress for you or the portal of your choice, install SMF forums or the forum software of your choice, configure all of the options, fine tune everything so there is no initial days or weeks of bug smashing.

You will then be made the sole administrator of this website we setup for you, it will be ready to go no messing around at all you simply direct your members and content, the content being things such as you changing the guild recruitment module with drop boxes to open one class and close another, or perhaps you want to change the header image that can all be done without having to know any programming, but it gets better if you do know any technical things we also offer full cPanel and FTP access to our guild hosting accounts meaning the hardcore tweaking is also possible on our guild hosting plans.

We currently are offer Guild Hosting