Why are your themes so affordable?

We believe that professionally designed WordPress themes should be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to provide high quality yet affordable WordPress solutions so that any individual or business can have an exceptional online presence.

  • We build versatile, customizable themes – Our themes come with multiple page templates, color options and widget areas so you can easily match a theme to your needs without expensive customization.
  • Efficient development process – With years of experience developing WordPress themes, we’ve refined our development process to focus on what really matters for a great user experience while keeping costs down.
  • Low overhead business model – As a small, dedicated WordPress theme shop, we have little extra overhead costs that we need to build into our pricing. We’re able to keep operations efficient and pass on the savings.

While our themes are very affordable, we do not cut corners on quality. We build themes that we would be personally proud to use, and our clients expect and receive that same level of quality and care with a purchase from us. Professional, handcrafted and versatile WordPress themes at a price anyone can afford – that is our goal.

We hope this clarifies why we’re able to provide such affordable, professional WordPress themes. Let us know if you have any other questions!