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The Warlords Alliance Template


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This astonishing visually vivid WordPress template boasts an easy to use experience while offering full power, when visitors come to your guild site running the Warcraft Warlords of the Alliance Theme instantly they will connect with  the alliance color scheme and visual logos of the golden lion that is the alliance, everything in this template from the kickass slider images to the flags flying in the background with the pride of Stormwind was a chamber of the king rather then just a website template this is a pure alliance template however you can also change the background image, sliders and header all from our neat admin panel making it really anything you would want it to be maybe even a blue horde site.

We are certain that our templates for World of Warcraft are top shelf quality for much less out of your pocket the same goes for Warcraft Legends of Draenor we invite you to view the demo site for the template, if you like it simply come on back to this page place your order and an email with a unique licensed version of the template will be issued to you using PayPal.









Superior quality, top notch usability.