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It appears you had been given ultra extended support way past the point of any standard web hosting or guild hosting service provider, now you have the chance to directly donate to the staff member that helped you with your recent support petitions. This system was invented based on users just like you providing us feedback to give an option to donate to the staff member for going above and beyond the call of duty for you and your website services.


Don’t care, don’t want to do any of these things? no problem no hard feelings this is totally optional!

A very cool thing to note about donating is that it also has a direct positive effect on your website by being back linked to on the new Ejeet Networks featured guilds page where all donators of $10 or more will have there website showcased and possibly immortalized. also as a person you shall have your website listed on our upcoming page linking your website and providing a clear statement that you have shown your passion to others by furthering education, development, family and individuals if so desired which you can then reference for future endeavors.

Thanking you for your consideration

Ejeet Networks Advanced Tech Staff