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WoW Classic coming soon!

Our all new wow classic template is in the late beta stage.

Coming next week is the official release candidate for the theme, we hope that everyone who signed up for beta testing will enjoy the 100% guaranteed entry into the Release candidate cycle.

World of Warcraft Classic Edition, Free download wordpress template.

Remember to check your email if you had registered for the private beta as we have started sending out download information to those who wish to test the template before its final release coming up soon.

10 thoughts on “WoW Classic coming soon!

  1. This is great news I got my email when can I download and activate the theme?

    1. You can do that now if you have the email.

  2. I entered for the beta test but I never got in the test — can i still use this release candidate download code?

    1. If you have a redemption code to download the wow classic theme for wordpress then you certainly are now in the final testing phase!


  3. I entered my code on the redemption site but it says thanks for entering?

    1. The download link has been mailed to you at this point!


  4. I got my invite for the final release test, if I install the RC1 can I still install the final version and keep my settings when it has been released? I really like the theme but don’t want to reconfigure my wordpress when the final edition is released will this be possible?

    1. This is a great question, when the final edition comes out you simply remove the RC1 or RC2 installation and proceed to add retail edition, this will ensure your theme settings carry over into the finalized edition of the template.

      If anything cannot be kept we will note this in the final release log.

  5. Will the boss tracker support the world of Warcraft vanilla bosses? can we track kills for the wow classic or only for BFA?

    Also in recruitment can I remove things like monk and dark knight?

    Thanks guys you rock <3

    1. Hello,

      There is full support for molten core and such in the boss tracker in the beta test we hope that this will follow into retail as long as no issues are found it will follow into the final edition, then you can add kills to your MC40 or AQ kill logs and such.

      And yes you can mark these classes as not needed

      Thank you for your interest in the world of Warcraft classic edition template for wordpress, we have sent you a discount code for the release.


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