Can I customize the wordpress templates?

The themes are open source, with one exception we ask that you respect our footer copyright only.

Our WordPress themes are released under an open source license, meaning you have full access to edit and modify the theme code as needed. However, we do ask that you keep the default theme footer intact. The footer simply contains a link back to our website so that others can find the theme it must remain intact.

Aside from the footer, feel free to customize the theme in any way needed for your website. This includes but is not limited to:

•Editing the HTML, CSS, PHP and other code files
•Adding or removing theme options and features
•Adjusting page templates, post types or taxonomies
• Integrating third party plugins to extend functionality
•Changing the theme styling and layout
•Translating the theme into your language
•Removing or editing images and icon sets
•Renaming the theme folder and files

Our themes are built to be versatile, and the open code means full flexibility for developers or designers to customize extensively. For less technical users, our themes also include built-in customizer tools to make changes without needing to edit the code, like:

• Adding your logo
• Selecting page templates
• Configuring site menus and widgets
• Enabling options like breadcrumbs, featured images, and more

You can use either the built-in customization tools or dig into the open code files to tailor the theme to your needs.