How do download links work?

When you purchase a digital theme from us, here’s how the download process works:

• Within minutes of completing your purchase, you will receive an email with your theme download link. This link is unique to your purchase and will allow you to download your WordPress theme files.

• For security and licensing reasons, your download link will expire after a limited number of downloads or number of days. This means you should download your theme files as soon as you purchase. Your email will specify the exact expiration details for your link.

• Your download link will allow you to download a .zip file containing your WordPress theme. This .zip file will include all theme files required to install and run the theme, including PHP files, CSS files, JS files, images, and any plugins/widgets included with your theme purchase.

• If you have any issues downloading your theme or if your download link has expired, please contact our support team immediately and we’ll work to resolve the issue and restore access to your theme.

• When downloading, unzipping and installing your WordPress theme, take care not to modify the files in any way. Doing so may void your theme support and license.