Can you help me install wordpress on my host?

We apologize, but we do not directly install WordPress on client hosting accounts. As a theme shop, our services are limited to providing WordPress themes and support for our products.

However, installing WordPress is typically quite easy, and there are a few options:

1. Contact your web host’s support – Many hosts offer a quick WordPress install option through your hosting control panel or can install it for you upon request. They will have the best knowledge to install WordPress on their servers.

2. Install WordPress yourself – If your host does not offer an install option, you can easily install WordPress yourself with a few clicks. Here’s how:- Download the latest WordPress zip file from
– Unzip the file on your computer
– FTP upload the WordPress folder to your host server. Usually in the public_html or www folder.
– Visit your domain to launch the WordPress installation screen
– Follow the simple steps to set up your site name, account info and you’re done!

3. Pay for a professional WordPress Installation – If you need help from WordPress professionals, we do offer a glove installation and launch service for clients for a one-time fee. We will handle downloading and installing the latest WordPress, selecting a theme, and setting up your site content/pages to get you up and running quickly. Contact us for details and pricing.

We hope this helps explain the WordPress installation options.