What version of PHP do I need?

Our templates are written in PHP version 8.0, so you will need PHP 8.0.X or higher to use them, where X is the latest subversion (such as PHP 8.0.26).

Earlier versions of PHP like 7.4.X and below will not work with our templates.How do I update my PHP version?

The exact steps to update your PHP version will depend on your hosting environment:

Shared Hosting:
Contact your hosting provider and request that they update your account to use PHP 8.0. They should be able to update your PHP version to the latest stable release

.VPS or Dedicated Server:
If you have access to your server configuration, you can follow these basic steps:

1. Back up your PHP configuration files and data in case you need to revert the update.

2. Update your PHP installation to the latest PHP 8.0 version. The exact steps will depend on your operating system. You may be able to download an installer from php.net or use a system package manager like apt, yum, or brew.

3. Make sure your PHP files have the .php extension and the handler has been updated to PHP 8.0.

4. Restart your web server like Apache or Nginx so it loads the new PHP configuration.

5. Test your PHP apps and scripts to ensure they function properly with PHP 8.0 before deploying to production.6. Update any software on your server that relies on PHP, such as Content Management Systems, to versions that fully support PHP 8.0