Will your template work with Joomla? SMF? Phpbb? Other CMS apps?

No, our WordPress themes are strictly designed and developed to work with the WordPress content management system. They will not work with Joomla, SMF, phpBB or any other CMS platforms out of the box.

To use our WordPress themes on another CMS, significant modifications to the theme files and functionality would be required. This includes but is not limited to:

– Replacing all WordPress function calls and features with the target CMS platform’s options
– Re-coding themes to work with the target platform’s template/theming systems
– Testing and debugging the new theme to work properly
– Ensuring all added plugins/functionality integrates with the new platform  Porting a theme from WordPress to another CMS is essentially building a new theme from scratch to match the look and design of the original. It requires advanced PHP, CSS, and web development skills to undertake.

We do not currently offer “porting” or migration services for our WordPress themes. They remain reliant on the WordPress platform to function as intended and designed. If you’re looking for a theme or template for Joomla, SMF, phpBB or another CMS platform, we recommend searching for themes specifically built for that platform.

There are many theme shops and designers that focus on each CMS with options to choose from.

We hope this clarifies that our WordPress themes are designed solely for WordPress and will not work with other platforms out of the box.