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Shadowlands Theme is Here!

Shadowlands WoW Theme for Wordpress

Yes it has arrived, and just on time for Christmas, if you are ready to take your guild website to the next level and upgrade to the next expansion pack Shadowlands for World of Warcraft now you can.

The theme packs all the features any respectable gamer would want in a template, with tens of thousands of plugins available for wordpress the amount of customization is endless. The theme has a built in slider with various animation effects for your custom images or you could use the stock provided ones. Battlenet, twitch, mixer all integrated you can simply install and configure a few options and your website is instantly ready for Shadowlands.

With our wordpress theme you place yourself and your guild above the rest by having an extremely powerful website operating on the worlds most popular CMS platform our Shadowlands theme comes with a proven track record of 11+ years of Ejeet Networks coding you can rest assured that it will work and work very well while maintaing standards and full support for all current and future tech including SSL and TLS websites, you can even use cloudflare.

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24 thoughts on “Shadowlands Theme is Here!

  1. Enjoy everyone I know we will for our guild!

  2. Excellent thank you

  3. This works really good on wordpress smooth and easy to use my guild loves it greetings from Germany.

  4. Can I add my own forum we have phpbb

    1. Hi Tummy,

      You can use your own forum via iframe modules should not be an issue, some people have also bridged there systems.

  5. Does it work with wordpress version 5.3 and the 5.4 beta?

    1. Ire,

      The theme works with all wordpress 5.X versions and should in essence be 6.0 ready as of now.

  6. Will you accept litecoin?

    1. Hi,

      We can accept BTC and LTC just place your order then contact us with your order number and we will setup an arrangement for you to make payment with one of those crypto currencies

  7. It looks really cool do i have to pay a monthly fee or is it a one time purchase?

  8. I need to get this theme but I don’t have any money can I get it for free?

    1. We currently do not have a free version of the theme.

  9. Any chance that this will work on future wordpress? like 5.4 and onward?

    1. Erik,

      This will work on all of the 5.X versions of wordpress it is designed for it.

    2. Its working good for me on the beta

  10. Cool this is what we needed I’m ordering tomorrow when I get paid.

    1. Darla,

      We are looking forward to serving you.

  11. Can the theme work with Yoast SEO and NextGEN Gallery plugins for wordpress?

    1. The theme is fully compatible with the Yoast SEO and the NextGEN Gallery

  12. I have an vbulletin forum can the theme be integrated with this? I mean i know that the theme is for wordpress but can i put the forum into the theme on the site?

    1. Hi,

      There are various plugins to allow this so yes if it works with wordpress then it works with our theme.

  13. The theme looks really good is it easy to install?

    1. The theme is very easy to install you just select upload and press install then activate the template.

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