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Dragonflight – A WordPress Theme for WoW Guilds, Now $35.99  

Dragonflight 4K image gallery

For a limited time, purchase the Dragonflight WordPress theme optimized for World of Warcraft guild websites for just $35.99 – 40% OFF the regular price of $59.99. This offer is valid until June 13th, 2023. 

Dragonflight World of Warcraft Theme for Wordpress

Dragonflight leverages the powerful features of WordPress to create an attractive hub for your guild. Some of the main benefits include: 

• An elegant responsive design that displays beautifully across all devices.   
• SEO-optimized to help your site rank higher in search engines like Google. 
• Built-in support for content creation with an easy post editor.  
• Comment moderation tools to promote constructive discussions.         
• Media options to share images of your choice. 
• Guild recruitment widget to maintain your roster. 
• Progress tracker to document achievements and wins.        
• Customizable widgets to feature amazing spots.  
• Compatibility with thousands of free plugins and widgets.     
• Developer support and regular WordPress updates for security. 

For $35.99, you can tap into the power of WordPress to connect your guild and build your online presence. Promote your victories, share experiences, organize strategies, recruit new members using the guild recruitment widget and bond over your adventures. Everything you need to forge a strong guild website is at your fingertips.  

To purchase Dragonflight at 40% OFF, simply click “Buy Now” the discount is applied site wide. Please contact us if you have any questions about using WordPress or showcasing your guild. We’re always here to help you conquer and thrive!     

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WOTLK Theme For WordPress 6.0.1+

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic WordPress Theme has launched and can be downloaded now.

Get the latest World of Warcraft classic edition template for your WP powered website today. Energize your website with a fresh new icy cold look just like the halls of Icecrown Citadel.

Download Wrath (WOTLK) Classic Theme For WordPress

There are raid bosses to be conquered in the upcoming challenges that await adventurers in the frozen lands known only as Northrend, with full boss tracking widgets, recruitment tools and more.

Webserver Requirements
WordPress 6.0.1+
PHP 7.4.X

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Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

It’s taken a long time, but the announcement has finally arrived. a classic version of Wrath of the Lich King is coming very soon.

As usual, the development team will keep you updated on the progress of our WoW WotLK WordPress Theme as soon as it is online.

In many respects, Wrath of the Lich King was a breakthrough expansion for World of Warcraft. Subscription numbers for Blizzard’s MMORPG reached their highest point during the expansion, and the expansion also introduced the game’s first new class in the Death Knight, introduced achievements and featured a popular villain who served as the perfect foundation for an entire expansion to be built around. The addition of convenience features like automated dungeon matchmaking and markers on maps that tell players exactly where to go in order to complete their quests may have been overlooked by many players, as well as Blizzard itself. While many players, as well as Blizzard itself, may have been unaware of it at the time, Wrath of the Lich King laid the groundwork for what would become the current version of the game.

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Burning Crusade Classic WoW Theme now available for purchase.

Deep inside the development team at Ejeet Networks our Gnomish and Goblin Engineers have united to bring you something special something very special, through many hours of Gnomish ingenuity and Cunning of the Goblins we are proud to present a world first exclusive of our The Burning Crusade Classic Ultimate Theme for WordPress.

You have read correctly after months in the making the worlds first WoW Classic Burning Crusade theme has been released onto this world last seen running at high speed toward the Dark Portal bringing with it joy to all the players in the world of warcraft, you can now purchase the most exclusive, best looking, fastest loading and ULTIMATE TBC Classic theme for your guild website right now.

Enough reading you say, lets get right to it then. Now for the product.

Burning Crusade Classic Wordpress

Seen enough? No we even have a live demo site showing you in your browser exactly what the theme looks and feels like, and if that is not enough our detailed product page has information and a solid five star review from our presale.