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Guild Hosting vs cPanel Hosting

When it comes to deciding what service you should go with its really simple and we are not going to coat it up in sugar for you like many competitors do.

Choose based on your skill level, if you know howto create a MySQL database and install your own php scripts then it would be an easy choice for you to grab cPanel hosting over guild hosting unless of course you wanted the Ejeet Networks staff to help you with the site, then in that case Guild Hosting would be a better solution.

So what’s Guild Hosting then in comparison to just cPanel hosting aside from a little higher price per service? Simple you get everything that comes with a cPanel plan + Ejeet Networks install’s, configures, tunes and creates your site for you and offers 24×7 support related not just to the status of the web server and those type services, but responses that you desire such as our team logging into the forum platform for you and helping with membergroups for an example, or our staff could install and setup a separate instance of eqdkp for you or any web software for that matter.

Still not sure what you need? No problem contact us right now. Ejeet will be more than happy to help you find the web hosting choice best for you.