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Server updates, staff additions and gaming.

Ejeet is happy to announce that all of our network is now on our 10GBps networking allowing us to serve pages to you at the best speed without compromise, this is a very good day for us Ejeet Networks as a whole just grew again.

We understand that most of the links on our site are offline/non clickable since changing to the dark theme, we are aware of the issue but for all current clients you are unaffected as the links on this site have nothing to do with your site or the links on our client portal, our secure client portal is up and online to serve you 24×7 at

In recent gaming news the trailer for the warlords of draenor was pretty epic, time has changed and probably everything else in the game as history was re-written when Garrosh Hellscream killed the demon pitlord before his father could have made such a dark bargain by drinking mannoroths blood at the offer of Gul Dan …

Lastly we have a few new friendly faces in our support department I’m sure you will run into them soon!

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