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Dragonflight – A WordPress Theme for WoW Guilds, Now $35.99  

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For a limited time, purchase the Dragonflight WordPress theme optimized for World of Warcraft guild websites for just $35.99 – 40% OFF the regular price of $59.99. This offer is valid until June 13th, 2023. 

Dragonflight World of Warcraft Theme for Wordpress

Dragonflight leverages the powerful features of WordPress to create an attractive hub for your guild. Some of the main benefits include: 

• An elegant responsive design that displays beautifully across all devices.   
• SEO-optimized to help your site rank higher in search engines like Google. 
• Built-in support for content creation with an easy post editor.  
• Comment moderation tools to promote constructive discussions.         
• Media options to share images of your choice. 
• Guild recruitment widget to maintain your roster. 
• Progress tracker to document achievements and wins.        
• Customizable widgets to feature amazing spots.  
• Compatibility with thousands of free plugins and widgets.     
• Developer support and regular WordPress updates for security. 

For $35.99, you can tap into the power of WordPress to connect your guild and build your online presence. Promote your victories, share experiences, organize strategies, recruit new members using the guild recruitment widget and bond over your adventures. Everything you need to forge a strong guild website is at your fingertips.  

To purchase Dragonflight at 40% OFF, simply click “Buy Now” the discount is applied site wide. Please contact us if you have any questions about using WordPress or showcasing your guild. We’re always here to help you conquer and thrive!     

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A Guild website places you above the rest.

A very common question that guild masters find themselves asking is do we need a website or not? The answer is quite simple. If you want to stand out above 90 percent of generic guilds then you will need the website, if for no other reason then to show those interested in joining your team that your guild is a serious one not just some random Warcraft guild.

Next would be the choice of what type website you need and that can be a real headache going through expensive monthly payments to guild hosting platforms is an option but they are very limited, slow and unoriginal. We offer a solution that allows you to say goodbye to restrictive guild hosting services.

At Ejeet Networks you not only save a massive amount of money saved by the one off payment on our premium five star templates, you also have the full power of WordPress at your side and the option to host your website anywhere you choose from a old computer in a corner of your basement to a web hosting solution. Our themes follow you and adapt to your unique setup.

Find out what you have been missing on your website and try a template from Ejeet Networks today.

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BFA Plus! WoW Theme for 2019

Greetings everyone

It has been a hectic few weeks launching the latest version of our theme lineups, since 5.1 changed many things about how wordpress works we have decided to embrace the future and release our all new Plus! core, the first theme to have full support for the latest template core is of course our number one template BFA Plus!

With the new theme engine running we are now able to not just offer the same experience you have come to love from the Ejeet Networks theme line-up, but to add to and optimize the many layers that make our templates the best for gamers with major changes to the core our theme is now weighing in at only 1.09MB a phenomenal gain on our competitors meaning your site will not only look great but it will pass benchmarks and load with blazing speeds not seen before in our theme library.

One of the most requested features was to implement social buttons, but not just social buttons for things like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or any of the other popular ones. We listened to our customers and added social links edit-able in the administration panel so you can now link directly to your Discord chat servers, Twitch Channels and yes even Battlenet.

The biggest feature that many don’t know about but its changing how we make websites as a people, is the all new Gutenberg editor initially launched in WordPress 5.0 and recently updated to be even more amazing in the recent release of WordPress 5.1. Ejeet Networks is ecstatic to announce that our themes from this day onward will have 100% support for Gutenberg in all capacity’s without loosing support for the beloved classic editor.

Many changes have been made more then we can list here but most of all the performance is better then ever along with the all new ease of use editing solutions, you can however check out our features list.

We thank you for choosing Ejeet Networks for all of your mmorpg web templates and themes, we look forward to continuing to support our array of products and provide to you the best of the best.