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World of Warcraft Dragonflight WordPress Theme

The best Dragon Flight theme for WordPress

Maybe you missed the launch of our WordPress 6.1 theme for the new World of Warcraft Expansion Dragon Flight. If you have not seen our new best seller, then we highly suggest you continue reading because this is our very best wp theme for WoW ever released.

Dragonflight WoW logo WordPress addon

Dragonflight Theme For WordPress

Created by Gamers

Rest assured that every single person making the great website themes on Ejeet Networks are gamers. We understand and can relate to the features and options you want in a guild website, Our mission statement is to do our very best to include support for recruitment widgets, progression widgets, and even ranking widgets. Our themes were designed for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight by gamers who just as much if not more then you.


Dragonflight wordpress theme free download wow

If you’re looking for a World of Warcraft: Dragonflight WordPress theme, go no further than Dragonflight. In the wake of Shadowlands’ meteoric rise to fame, we heeded your feedback and fine-tuned our WordPress theme until it was just right. See for yourself how swiftly and beautifully pages load with this WordPress template for World of Warcraft guilds theme, powered by a fresh new backend core based on PHP 8.0, by visiting our live demonstration site. WordPress 6.1 is completely supported by the Dragon Flight theme, and the theme has full compatibility with the Gutenberg editor and is extremely lean.

Modern Technology

All of our themes are built using the most recent versions of HTML, PHP, and CSS, and they all have full support for the Gutenberg editor for unrivalled ease of use. In other words, your website will be prepared for the future whenever it may ring. Forewarned is forearmed, and we make sure that your website is always equipped to handle the technology of future by incorporating a wide range of cutting-edge solutions into its daily operations.


You may freely customize the World of Warcraft theme, develop your own add-ons, and install them, as it is based entirely on WordPress’s core theming system. If you use our theme, you can whip up a new article or page in no time. If you’re looking for a World of Warcraft website theme, go no further; ours is the most intuitive option. Using our Dragonflight WordPress theme, your extremely standard WordPress site may magically convert into a polished gaming hub, providing a sanctuary for you and your fellow players online.

Dragonflight World of Warcraft Progress Tracker Plugin for WordPress with Advanced features

Ease of use

It’s true: what you see is what you get in terms of content editing. Our themes employ the full power of the Gutenberg and Classic Editor. This means that creating content for your website has never been easier, with automatic embedding of images, videos from Twitch and YouTube, social media, and much more. Your website has the full power of WordPress, allowing you to have a great looking website while maintaining easy operation.

Create the online role-playing community of your dreams with our theme and the extensive media options offered by WordPress. Your site will look fantastic in every respect. Are you trying to come up with a name for a professional raiding guild? We’ve got you covered; from the very beginning to the very conclusion of the Dragonflight expansion, we’ve got a fantastic WordPress plugin in place for keeping track of every boss you kill. This ensures that you will never be caught off guard by a content update. Score pages for, wow-progress, and any other web-based system may likewise be included.

Dragonflight Recruitment Plugin for WordPress find new members for your guild.

Do you want to see how the theme looks on a website that is currently online? You can get an idea of how your guild website might look if you use our theme by checking out the screenshots and the live demo that are presented on this page. For a quick rundown of what’s provided, the demo site is a perfect representation of the core template you’ll receive. In addition to add-ons that let you replicate the look and feel of our demo site in your own installation. Discord and other popular social media buttons are included in these plugins, and you can easily add or remove networks like these, as well as others (the theme is highly flexible):, twitch, etc. You’ll be able to track your guild’s growth with our progress tracker, use a recruitment widget that supports all current classes in Dragonflight including the Evoker, and access a plethora of other features. All the amazing plugins that are compatible with WordPress are also compatible with our theme. 

Plugins & Widgets

Our template is compatible with 99.9% of WordPress plugins. Ranging from recruitment plugins, to contact form mods, discord widgets, twitch badges, or raid kill trackers, you can do it all as long as the plugin is compatible with WordPress; then it will work on our video game templates. The power is in your hands, and customization is very easy and a core part of the experience.

Recruitment Add a cool, fully customizable widget to your website displaying the current recruitment levels. For example, you can have a widget display small, medium, or large class icons and simply set the desired applicant level to low, medium, or high. This also includes a linking ability allowing you to link this section to a page or contact form.

Progression Tracker allows you to take control of your guild’s displayed progression, marking bosses as dead or alive; depending on your game, such as World of Warcraft, you could even set the kill level to N,H,M or Normal, Heroic, or Mythic. Simple to use: simply click, save, and go!

Most questions asked are listed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Retiring old wow themes.

Site news for wordpress themes

From all of us here at Ejeet Networks, we want to thank you for an incredible year. We are getting ready to move into the new year, and as we do so, we have some news regarding our older website themes as well as some news regarding our upcoming, brand-new website designs.

In conjunction with the conclusion of the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion pack, we have decided to remove all of our previous themes from our retail list, including the immensely popular TBC classic theme.

The members of the Ejeet Networks team will always have a passion for developing guild websites; as a result, we will continue to provide all of the gamers out there with the greatest and most up to date website designs.

We would want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone for their unwavering support during our eleven years of providing services to the World of Warcraft community.

Stay tuned as we prepare to release the next generation of WordPress themes that will support the Dragon Flight expansion pack. This release will also include a technical migration from the now-obsolete PHP 7 to the most recent version of PHP 8.0, which will result in even better performance and security for World of Warcraft themes in the future.

One of the new things that we have been working on is increasing compatibility with the most recent version of WordPress, which enables caching of static material, which in turn enables page load times to be sped up by as much as ninety percent. Not only do we now provide code that is compatible with PHP 8.0, but we have also included the brand new Evoker class to the WordPress plugin as part of our comprehensive makeover of the recruiting module.

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Burning Crusade Classic WoW Theme now available for purchase.

Deep inside the development team at Ejeet Networks our Gnomish and Goblin Engineers have united to bring you something special something very special, through many hours of Gnomish ingenuity and Cunning of the Goblins we are proud to present a world first exclusive of our The Burning Crusade Classic Ultimate Theme for WordPress.

You have read correctly after months in the making the worlds first WoW Classic Burning Crusade theme has been released onto this world last seen running at high speed toward the Dark Portal bringing with it joy to all the players in the world of warcraft, you can now purchase the most exclusive, best looking, fastest loading and ULTIMATE TBC Classic theme for your guild website right now.

Enough reading you say, lets get right to it then. Now for the product.

Burning Crusade Classic WordPress

Seen enough? No we even have a live demo site showing you in your browser exactly what the theme looks and feels like, and if that is not enough our detailed product page has information and a solid five star review from our presale.