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World of Warcraft : Blizzcon 2014 Is Warcraft 4 Coming?

Warcraft 4: A brand spanking new entry within the series: Perhaps the most exciting, and to my mind, the most plausible, announcement that Blizzard will make would be that Warcraft some is finally making its way to the world. The built in market, the same audience that has been begging for more than a decade, is enormous. It can be a way for Blizzard for you to expand the Warcraft universe with techniques that go beyond the technique title itself. Blizzard has said that Warcraft has ten years of expansions and stories yet to tell. What better springboard for individuals stories and expansions than with the addition of Warcraft 4 and its most likely expansive lore?

In addition, with all the huge rise of eSports, a brand new potential goldmine could be created with competitive leagues forming around Wow 4, maybe even enough for you to unseat Starcraft 2’s eSports chokehold (for Blizzard solutions, that is) and give the company an opportunity to tap into the gigantic RTS eSports market place.

My money is definitely about Warcraft 4.