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WoW Website ready in minutes

Dominate wow classic with an elite wordpress website right now.

Does the queue got you down? Feeling blue? maybe you are feeling red? we got you covered in both cases, with our state of the art wordpress web themes you can create the perfect classic website in moments rather then spending all your time developing a website. If you have a web host that supports wordpress then our theme is the only sensible selection for your wow classic website.

Remember the queue will eventually pop but in the mean time you can have your website created an polished all before the queue is ready to let you enter the world of warcraft.

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16 thoughts on “WoW Website ready in minutes

  1. Great this is a good idea for my site thanks facebook 🙂

  2. Can I get a discount if I buy 3 one bfa and two classic?

    1. Yes we see you bought all three, we have refunded 5.00 to you!

      1. Thank you so much I see it in my paypal now.

  3. For the horde brother

  4. Oh the queue is so terrible right now i found this post on twitter and came to check it out these templates look great i will show it to my guild master.

  5. Would you accept a echeck?

    1. Yes we accept e-check via PayPal however your theme will not be accessible until the payment has cleared.

  6. wow the queue sale is real!

  7. I purchased one but I don’t appear to have a verified logo on my name maybe its because i checked out as a guest.

    1. Yes indeed that is why, if you do register just drop us an email and we will add your order to your account.

  8. No better way to spend labor day!

  9. Theme is working good on my site, do you guys know much about cache I will send an email asking about it Id like to hire your team for an hour or so.

    1. Got your email we will get back to you on this very soon ^^

  10. Works good and is very nice my site loads instantly with this theme

  11. Bought the theme wow blue a few weeks ago but am back now to get the red one too!

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