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Which theme do you want?

We have a WoW theme for everyone, current content, classic content, horde or alliance we got you covered.

Did you know on average our themes are less than 2MB in size including all image content, this means that our templates are super light weight which in turn means your website will indeed load much faster. If that isn’t enough our themes are also fully compatible with Super Cache, W3 total cache, JetPack, Cloudflare and many more content delivery — cache back end software which is going to allow your site to blaze past other guild hosting services with near instant load times being possible on a modern setup.

Enough tech talk lets talk about every day use, with our themes you need zero programming skills, you don’t need to know any sort of programming languages to use these themes as they are 100% integrated with wordpress you get the ease of use solution of point click and go. Not to mention that you can host our wordpress templates anywhere you wish, no longer will you be locked into a guild hosting service because with true open source software you can host it on a raspberry pi in a cupboard if you so desired.

What are you waiting for our themes are ultra affordable and are able to be used by anyone who has wordpress installed on their website, its as simple as uploading the theme zip and activating the theme.

Buy premium wordpress themes for world of warcraft

7 thoughts on “Which theme do you want?

  1. please can you add more themes for horde orange version or of classic blackrock clan you know?

    I use the horde BFA theme and it rocks but i want to purchase another theme for classic wow but of style like you have years ago called siege ?

    Thank You ejeet team good work

    Sorry for bad english
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Orange huh?

      Resurrection scroll commenced.

  2. I want to get the classic red theme but I have only bitcoin right now do you accept this?

  3. Sweet I’m going to get the new classic alliance theme, can they still work on a french core site even if the theme is english?

    the BFA Alliance one works on our france guild site much love for it with only the control panel for the theme in english can this one work like this too?

  4. Awesome just found your site on twitter this is great I’m showing this to our website guy right now!

  5. We are considering another horde theme due to very popular demand!

  6. Hi guys!

    Glad to see that all the new themes are finally out, you know that us the horrorfacts crew are def going to go red there is no other choice!

    Keep it up guys and cant wait to see you at blizzcon

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