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New ArcheAge Template goes live!

Orange-SaleThe all new ArcheAge online website template has arrived exclusively to Ejeet Networks, ArcheRed X is the perfect red/black template for your archeage guild website, it features all of todays modernized technology for a fraction of the costs, you can now make any old WordPress site into a full on guild website just by adding our template and your content. ArcheAge Red X allows you to move to new places with ease of use and eye candy for you and your members.

This template was just released and is on sale for a very limited time for only 9.99

ArcheAge Red Template HD

try-us-buttonYou can find out more about the new archage template in our shop, from there you can also enjoy a live preview of the template in action.



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Hallowtide in ArcheAge

The harvest season is upon us and with it comes Hallowtide!


ArcheAge players can enjoy their first in-game event: Hallowtide! Running through Tuesday, November 4th, the festival features decorated towns, a daily quest and cosmetic items.

To set the mood, Austera and Ezna, the two major port cities of Erenor, have been decked out in the colors and sights of the season with jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin balloons, party tables, tombstones, and more. Adventurers will also discover Large Pumpkin Lanterns appearing for a short time on Halloween in central locations of both port cities. These decorations will be announced when they appear and will grant a unique holiday buff.

Want to help with the festivities? The Daru are in need of more pumpkins to decorate the event! Complete the Hallowtide Preparations daily quest to earn a Hallowtide Goodie Bag with a random selection of consumables and special event candies such as Greedy Goblin Gummies, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, and Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkins. We also have Hallowtide cosmetic items for you and your home coming to the Marketplace, so keep your eyes peeled.

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ArcheAge Bloom Template Hits Shelfs

Our ArcheAge Bloom Template has just hit the shelf’s with a day early release than expected, for those who were inquiring over the weekend this should brighten up your day, its an exclusive ArcheAge MMO Game Website layout with black, grey and green colors for WordPress it has a recruitment module with the main class divisions in place along with all the other bells and whistles that come with any WordPress site we simply provide you the framework to skip the whole site development phase and go right into something you like, perhaps posting boss kills with pictures of the kill and the raiders that helped you, all this is possible with Ejeet Networks templates.

Want to see the template live and in action? click here.


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