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Customer Choice 2014 Awarded

Ejeet Networks is honored to receive the outstanding award for customer choice for the fourth consecutive year, we thank each and everyone of you for voting for us for the best gaming related wordpress web themes released and produced from a independent company. We also in receipt of the award for most helpful customer service via email.customerchoice

We promise to provide more themes very soon and are extremely happy to continue to offer our services leading into our 10th year of business. You can look forward to more world of warcraft templates in the coming months and themes for upcoming mmorpg games.

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The Iron Horde is Here! Wordpress Template Unveiled

As promised the latest edition to our lineup of warlords templates has arrived, this one in contrast to the other has a light color scheme and is labeled the Iron Horde Template.

This skin is very efficient at page rendering, it has many layouts and widgets, also comes preloaded with plugins so you don’t waste time finding them.

The Warlords Zero template is still on sale with a 75% discount, this will end Sunday, so be sure to check that one out too.

Check out the template.

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A Realm Reborn Wordpress Recruitment and Progress Tracker

We have updated our recruitment widget on our final fantasy 14 guild hosting platform as well as on all template sales, The change brings corrections and fixes to the way the module operates to make options faster for the webmaster to administer or change the selection of what classes the free company or guild is currently recruiting inside the game world. One visual change that everyone can note is we refined the ready lights for the roles the green orb as many of you call it has been refined to a better size we have attached an image to this post for you to check out the visual comparison. On another front you can goto our final fantasy a realm reborn demo site to view all of these features live and in action, if you do decide to visit Final Fantasy World then you will notice our boss kill tracker which tracks Crystal Tower and Bahamut’s Coil all the way from Turn 1 to Turn 9, the module is being actively developed and will change appearance with time much like the recruitment module for ffxiv.