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Final Fantasy XIV AAR WordPress Recruitment

We are happy to announce progress on our new final fantasy template for Wordpress, this edition features an all new class recruitment system that allows the webmaster to simply make a class desired for linkshell or free company recruitment or make the class not desired which will dull or grey out the light for that class as you can see in the image posted the dragoon for example has been dull while paladin is in demand with its bright green light for the desired class entry to the guild. This is the ultimate all in one widget for all of your final fantasy a realm reborn needs no other plugins are needed for this one to preform well under real world page loads and so on.






This FFXIV Recruitment widget for Wordpress is included in all final fantasy templates purchased from Ejeet Networks.

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Safe for Work Mode

One of the biggest issues for our adult gamers who have access to a computer while at work is the inability to access many of the major gaming sites on the internet sometimes including their very own guild site.

Ejeet Networks has offered to our own staff a method to access anything on the internet via our secure platform, so we have decided that we will enter this program into a beta test for our clients, this will provide our clients the ablity to view official game site while at work like battlenet for example or or even there own guild site, this will be a private link which will act as a secure middleman to bypass all and any workplace firewalls.

This venue has been in closed beta testing for a long time but we have decided to share the freedom with any of our clients.

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WoW Siege of Orgrimmar 5.4 Wordpress Template

We have created an all new template for world of warcraft gamers, this theme is for wordpress and can be used on our hosted platform or you can outright buy the template from us and host it where you like, this is the new business model of Ejeet Networks, we now will sell you a copy of a desired template on demand with instant delivery provided.

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You can click any of these images to see the full, larger, complete version of the image.

Siege of Orgrimmar Front 1Siege of Orgrimmar Front 2


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