I can’t install my template it says no style.css

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions so it’s now in the FAQ.

Short answer: You are not uploading the correct file.

Long answer:

The reason WordPress has informed you of no “style.css” in the .zip file you uploaded to your site while uploading what you thought was the theme file is very simple.  this zip file contains other zip files including your template zip, hence the template is in the template or theme folder of the archive or zip file.

The “no style.css” error simply means you uploaded an incorrect file that did not actually contain the theme folder WordPress needed. By extracting the complete download ZIP, locating the true theme folder and compressing only that into a standard ZIP, you can successfully install the WordPress theme. please see the screenshot.

Extract Template Zip File
Folder Structure

Ejeet Networks themes and templates come packaged in a standard .ZIP container, once you have downloaded our template package file you will then have to extract this file to then attain the actual template files, plugins and stock images for your own use.

You can use your systems built in extraction for this or a tool like 7ZIP which is cross platform.