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Creating a guild website is easy

Did you know that creating a guild website for your favorite mmorpg is a simple task when you pair your simple wordpress installation with one of our original templates you are then able to convert your basic wordpress website into a professional guild website.

No longer do you need to sign up for some ridiculous guild hosting platform where you are limited to what you can or cannot do, break free from the system of locking your guild site into a pigeon hole, break free from the cookie cutter guild sites and power your site with a theme from Ejeet Networks, our themes let you host your site anywhere you like and run your website in any fashion you deem fit, with endless possibilities make no wonder Ejeet Networks is the no.1 provider of WoW themes for wordpress.

The process is simple, you select a web host of your choice install wordpress then install our theme and you are on your way to running a real guild website where you can edit and change anything you like as the themes are open source you are able to make the changes you want and need without question.

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NEW Wild Star: The Wildest Star WordPress Template

We are happy to announce the release of the latest and first Wild Star template from Ejeet Networks, we are sure you will enjoy this WordPress template it comes packed with all of today’s on demand features such as a slider, widgets, a guild recruitment module, a complete admin panel just for the theme and many more extremely strong features, if you ever need more Intel just drop our support team a line via mail, ticket or even social media Ejeet Networks stands behind every template that we provide making our company the only company to offer 100% exclusive templates that you can purchase from Ejeet Networks, take it host it on your own computer, with us or with any reputable hosting company.

So get your Wild Star on

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