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NEW Wild Star: The Wildest Star WordPress Template

We are happy to announce the release of the latest and first Wild Star template from Ejeet Networks, we are sure you will enjoy this WordPress template it comes packed with all of today’s on demand features such as a slider, widgets, a guild recruitment module, a complete admin panel just for the theme and many more extremely strong features, if you ever need more Intel just drop our support team a line via mail, ticket or even social media Ejeet Networks stands behind every template that we provide making our company the only company to offer 100% exclusive templates that you can purchase from Ejeet Networks, take it host it on your own computer, with us or with any reputable hosting company.

So get your Wild Star on

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The developers for WildStar want your help naming the mega server.

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The gaming crew here at Ejeet Networks recently casts our votes on what we think should be the Mega Server name for both NA and EU as our staff hails from all parts of the world.



Ejeet Networks thinks this type engagement with the gamer is awesome and more company’s should adopt these policy’s it lets gamers shape the world.

In the case that you missed the announcement from Carbine aka NCSoft over at Wildstar-Online we have quoted them below as-well as including links for your convenience.

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You want Wild Star?

You want WILD STAR?! We have answered your many request by creating an all new Wild Star Online template for WordPress.

For those of you who have been living under a rock or maybe just too caught up in your current gaming style, Wild Star is a open world fantasy online game with thousands of players to interact with.

This is what we have been working on, we call it the Wildest Star Template for WordPress 4.0 and beyond.

Wild StarThe Wildest star template will go on sale sometime this week, so enjoy the sneek peek of this upcoming template programmed with inevitable epic administration in mind, Ejeet Provides amazing looking website for less than any competitor we also only offer 100% unique templates you will not find our templates for sale anywhere else on the internet so when its time for your galactic travels be sure to consider our wild star theme.


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WildStar Changes over to Quarterly Content Due to Game Bugs

Recently the vastly popular WildStar developer Carbine Studios had announced an array of incoming changes to the sci-fi MMO, including a shift in focus to quality over quantity when it comes to the customers experience, we think this is great as long as its true, provide better content over longer gaps of time would be pleasing to all parties in most cases.

In a State of the Online game update, product director Mike Donatelli mentioned the studio understands WildStar’s regular monthly release schedule has ended in buggy content. In a reaction to the community’s demands for more stable releases, the decision has been made for you to launch major updates over a quarterly basis.

The introduction of megaservers will allow adventurers to find one other far more quickly, offering better PvP and PvE engagement, guild recruitment, and buying and selling.
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