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The developers for WildStar want your help naming the mega server.

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The gaming crew here at Ejeet Networks recently casts our votes on what we think should be the Mega Server name for both NA and EU as our staff hails from all parts of the world.



Ejeet Networks thinks this type engagement with the gamer is awesome and more company’s should adopt these policy’s it lets gamers shape the world.

In the case that you missed the announcement from Carbine aka NCSoft over at Wildstar-Online we have quoted them below as-well as including links for your convenience.

Hi everybody,

As you probably know, we’ve recently announced that MegaServers are coming to WildStar in the very near future.  While we are getting ready for the transition (we are close to announcing a date), we need you – yes, YOU! Help us to decide what your future homestead will be called.

To do so, simply go to either the Forum Poll (NA) OR Forum Poll (EU) to vote* for your favorite Megaserver name. Choose wisely, as your wish may come true! The names with the highest number of votes will be assigned to the new European/North-American MegaServers.

The voting will open from now until Wednesday, September 24th 09:30 am PDT (16:30 UTC). Be a good citizen of Nexus and vote!

*Please note that in order to vote, you will need an active account.
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