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WordPress Module: Azshara’s Palace

Plugin for Wordpress wow progress tracker and boss kill tracker full youtube and twitch support free download for your website.

The progress tracker has been updated to include the latest raid 8.2 which will allow players to track kills within the raid on their wordpress website. To get started you first install the wordpress progress tracker module on your wordpress website then enable the raids of your choice, then drag the widget to your desired location on the theme. Voila you have a bad ass tracker that will show the world how good your guild has became, while attracting potential new recruits to your ranks.

We have confirmed that the plugin is working 100% in our elite wordpress themes.

9 thoughts on “WordPress Module: Azshara’s Palace

  1. Excellent I was waiting for this!

  2. Can I link a video hosted on my own website or does it have to be twitch and youtube?

    In any case I am happy to see this and im interested in the alliance bfa theme will it work with this?

  3. Off topic but I am going to be playing wow classic and was wondering if the boss tracker will support the vanilla content? like ZG or MC any of the classic 40 main raids would be great to see on my website.

    1. I wondered the same thing, if you go into the plugin settings in your wordpress admin panel you can actually enable the classic raids, they are right there and ready to be used like an easter egg!

  4. Can I show my badge from wow progress you know the ones that are pulling from the armory so like my guild rank and such? I know that i seen it somewhere on a site of yours but i cant seem to find it now.

    1. It is simple worked on my site just paste the embed code and save.

      1. Oh doh of course the embed code!

        Thank you !!!! <3

  5. All we need now is an overwatch kill tracker — Just Kidding!

    Great stuff works good on my site thanks for the info

    1. Seriously though I would love to see an overwatch template maybe I should contact your support and request it!

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