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New WP Theme: WoW Classic Blue

World of Warcraft Classic Edition. The ultimate blue alliance template for wordpress has arrived

We celebrate the upcoming launch event of World of Warcraft classic edition the critically acclaimed title returns next week with all the memories and vanilla flavors that millions of fans had come to love. Which side will you choose as the epic battle of horde vs alliance wages once again, in this epic relaunch of world of warcraft.

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We unleash the all new World of Warcraft Classic Blue theme pack for WordPress this is the ultimate edition so you can rest assured that this is the one and only theme that you will ever need for your world of warcraft classic alliance guild website. The theme includes all the features you need such as classic progress tracker allowing your guild to allocate and track your kills and show them in badge html 5 format on your website with just a few clicks of the mouse. A recruitment tracker so you can set which classes you are recruiting for your guild.

The theme has a detailed image slider with a library of effects for transitions, we also have a custom gamer panel allowing you to link your armory and discord channels directly into the theme from the administrator panel, custom widgets with woo support is fully included so you can sell swag from your website or maybe hold a guild raffle, the sky is the limit the theme is highly compatible with thousands of plugins as we follow the wordpress codex when the theme is developed.

The template also supports all the popular plugins and modules allowing you to make powerful image gallery’s , contact and recruitment forms. The theme has been tested and confirmed compatible with JetPack and CloudFlare which means you will have the ultimate experience if you utilize these platforms with our template WoW Classic Blue.

19 thoughts on “New WP Theme: WoW Classic Blue

  1. Thanks for this!

  2. When will the horde version be released?

  3. Any chance on the red version being released soon?

  4. The theme works great can we get some sort of DKP support maybe eqdkp?

    1. If there is a dkp system for wordpress then the theme will be compatible, and if you wanted to use a separate system then you could also frame it into your site quite easily with the iframe plugin or you could do a lightbox etc.

  5. It looks really good but I want to get the horde edition please where can I get it?

  6. The horde edition is coming everyone we promise!

  7. How to install this Theme on my site?

    im on
    there is a folder named www. In this folder i need to put everthing in. There is a index.html and in this template is a index.php..

    what do i do?

    1. Marcus,

      All of our themes are for the WordPress platform so just uploading it to your /www or public+html folders will not work the theme must be used with wordpress

      We just responded to your email about this too.

      Well first you have to have WordPress on your web space then you upload the theme via the wordpress installation manager.

      If you require assistance in installing wordpress you could check with your host first they may offer an auto installer or similar, if not then you can do it yourself ( or as another option you can contact us again and request a professional installation of the wordpress platform on your web host with full optimizations.

      Thank you for choosing Ejeet Networks we hope you have great success installing your template.

    2. I always just press the appearance button then select upload theme

  8. OMG I love it!

    Will it work if we install this one alongside a site using BFA theme from your shop?

    Or will i have to create two separate websites?

    1. You can have all of our themes installed on one wordpress without conflict!

  9. I was in the beta test of the red and blue theme, It just auto deactivated on my site today I guess the beta is over?

    My question is can I still use that pre-order discount code that was sent out, I know the email said within 48 hours it would expire but I thought that the beta theme would last forever, I would like to get the alliance theme on here and use the 12% discount code if possible?

    1. Greetings Yves

      Yes the promotion expired of course, I see you are a registered beta tester and have provided us good feedback,

      I have emailed you a code for 20% off.

  10. These themes are exactly what I want to do for my RP guild community

    I am so sick of blue host they are slow no matter what i use even just plain wordpress theme the site is slow can you still offer me hosting service or recommend one?

    I have not bought this theme yet because i know my web-host blue host is bad at this everything takes a very long time load. If you could suggest or host me on this place then i would buy both of the classic themes.

    I don’t know much about technology we are a role playing guild and just need some help getting started up, we would like to talk about getting hosted and perhaps have someone help manage the site for me?

    1. I see that you sent us a email about this, we have responded to you and are more than happy to help you and your guild get started with wordpress .

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