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World of Warcraft Patch 6.0.3


World Event: Iron Horde Incursion

Characters that have completed the Iron Horde Incursion event can now visit a vendor near their faction’s respective beachhead to purchase replacement quest rewards.
Report to the King/Warning the Warchief: Characters with a healing specialization should now be able to select Ironmender’s Totem as a quest reward.
Thrall received a reminder that he is currently still on Azeroth.

Character Models

Resolved an issue where certain helmets could incorrectly cause an Undead’s jaw to disappear.
Resolved an issue where skin color for Human models were not matching up with their original counterparts.


Resolved an issue that could cause characters to remain disarmed for an extended period of time.



Death Knight
Breath of Sindragosa now deals reduced damage to secondary targets. Damage to the primary target remains unchanged.
Savage Roar should no longer incorrectly consume Omen of Clarity’s clearcasting effect.
Resolved an issue where Rip refreshed through Ferocious Bite was not extending its duration for the full amount against targets that were below 25% health.
The passive ability Sanctuary, is now learned at level 10.
Resolved an issue where Shadow Priests in Shadowform were not displaying a targeting outline.
Chain Lightning, Flame Shock, Frost Shock, Lava Burst, and Lightning Bolt now costs 50% less mana.
Earth Shock and Earthquake now costs 50% less mana.
Glyph of Ember Tap was causing Ember Tap to heal for more than intended. Additionally, the glyph now increases the healing of Ember Tap by 2% (down from 5%).


Gulp Frog no longer drops the Wilted Lilypad.
Kor’kron Butcher Cleave ability should no longer deal an excessive amount of damage.
Kor’kron Commanders with the Hemorrhagic Shadowstep ability should no longer deal an excessive amount of damage.

Pet Battles

Iron Starlette should no longer be excessively noisy when their owner is on a mount.


A Villain Unmasked: Resolved an issue where Samuelson Unmasked was dying too quickly to grant quest credit.
Basilisk Butcher: Basilisk Meat should be dropping again.
Borrowed Brew: Resolved a number of audio issues with the quest.
Get Kraken!: Resolved an issue where North Sea Kraken was dying too quickly to grant quest credit.
Warforged Seal: Added a safeguard to prevent characters from completing the quest if they already have the maximum amount of Warforged Seals.

Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios


Looting bind-on-equip items should no longer automatically bind it to the character on Personal Loot mode.
Resolved an issue where Guild Raid groups were not receiving credit towards Guild challenges on Mythic difficulty.
Dragon Soul
Spine of Deathwing: Blood of Deathwing should no longer deal an excessive amount of damage.
Shannox: Rageface’s Face Rage ability should no longer deal an excessive amount of damage.
Blackwing Lair
Razorgore the Untamed received a buff to increase his survivability.

Battlegrounds and Arenas

For players queued for Random Battlegrounds, the losing team should be receiving 45 Honor again.


Resolved an issue where Windwalker Monks were unable to craft more than one item at a time using the “Create All” button.


Fire-Watcher’s Oath should correctly have a 100% chance to grant Bloody Coins on PvP kills once more.
Living Root of the Wildheart’s bonus armor provided by Ursine Blessing for Guardian Druids has been toned down to a more reasonable level.


PlayMusic API should now work correctly and be able to play MP3s once more.
PlaySound API should now work correctly and be able to play MP3s once more.
Resolved an issue where quest headers in the Quest Log may become stuck in a collapsed state.
Game settings and macros for characters with names that contains an extended ASCII character should be saving correctly once more for users on Mac OS.
Resolved a number of situations where the mouse cursor can disappear on Mac OS.

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue where multi-passenger vehicles entering your character’s viewing area could cause them to be booted to the character selection screen.
Resolved a client crash that can occur if a character logs out after copying a calendar event.
Resolved a LUA error when selecting monitor 3 on systems with multiple video cards.
Resolved a LUA error from using Command+M on the Credits screen on Mac OS.
Resolved an issue with the skybox flashing on systems with multiple video cards.