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March MADNESS 10% off Themes

Attention World of Warcraft guilds! This March, seize your chance to build an epic online presence with Ejeet Networks’ premium WoW WordPress themes. For a limited time only, use code MARCH2024 to unlock 10% savings on the website experience your guild deserves.

Crafted by passionate gamers, our legendary World of Warcraft themes channel the raw power of Azeroth into a hub tailored for your community. Prepare to leave the competition in the dust with cutting-edge features including:

🛡️ Recruitment Widgets – Attract top talent with dynamic class icons displaying your guild’s raid needs
⚔️ Progression Trackers – Showcase your prowess by marking boss kills as Mythic, Heroic or Normal
🔴 Twitch/Discord Integrations – Keep guildmates engaged with streams, chat embeds and more

But the real magic lies in the ease of use. Our themes are built from the ground up to harness the full potential of WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. Experience true what-you-see-is-what-you-get simplicity when creating amazing content packed with embedded videos, tweets, and galleries.

Safety is also a top priority. Engineered with complete SSL support, your site’s connection will be locked down tighter than Kargath Bladefist’s shackles. And lightweight optimization means loading times worthy of Illidan’s fel strikes.

Don’t settle for a halfway guild homepage. Unleash the ultimate WoW website experience by securing your 10% discount with code MARCH2024 at Ejeet Networks. The Horde (and Alliance) await!

Dragonflight WoW Theme

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Premium Dragonflight Theme For WordPress Are you ready to take your World of Warcraft guild to the next level? The Dragonflight WoW Theme is the ultimate website solution created by gamers, for gamers. This premium WordPress theme provides all the tools you need to build an impressive guild website to help strengthen your community. With…

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Don’t miss out on this epic Black Friday deal, adventurers! For a limited time, our wildly popular World of Warcraft guild website themes are an incredible 64% off!

Usually $59.99, our professionally designed WoW themes are now just $21.97! This is the lowest price we’ve ever offered – it’s an achievement worthy of the “Savior of Ejeet” title! Shop Now!

Whether your guild is exploring the Dragon Isles or revisiting Northrend, our themes will power up your guild site for less. The Wrath of the Lich King Classic theme brings back the cold retro vibe of one of WoW’s best expansions. And our vibrant Dragonflight theme is perfect for those venturing into the new era.

Both themes make it simple to showcase your guild’s mythic triumphs across Azeroth. Loaded with customization, forums, galleries, and easy installation, they have everything you need to take your site to the next level.

At just $21.97, this Black Friday deal is rarer than an Ashes of Al’ar drop! Don’t wait – prices will return to normal soon. Level up your guild’s web presence today and save 64% with this epic WoW theme sale at Ejeet!

Why Ejeet.Net Has the Best WoW Guild Themes

Let’s be honest – most guild sites look like they were designed by Murlocs. Generic layouts, clunky navigation, bad color schemes…not exactly legendary.

Ejeet themes are in a league of their own when it comes to WoW guild sites. Here’s why our themes stand out from the pack:

  • Professionally Designed for WoW – Our themes are crafted by designers who know and love the World of Warcraft universe. They capture the look and feel of Azeroth beautifully.
  • Loaded with WoW Features
  • Easy Customization – Custom headers, logos, colors, and more. Make the site uniquely yours without needing to code.
  • Mobile Friendly – Responsive design looks great on all devices. Your site will be accessible for gaming on the go.
  • Quick and Easy Setup – Get your guild site up in minutes. Our self-hosted WordPress themes make launch effortless.
  • Affordable Pricing – Premium theme quality without the premium price tag. Great value for WoW guilds.

Take your guild’s web presence to the next level with a custom theme hand-crafted for World of Warcraft fans and players. Ejeet themes offer the perfect blend of WoW flavor, top-notch design, and easy customization!

Check out our themes now!

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Wrath of the Lich King Classic WoW Themes

Wrath of the Lich King

We are currently working on bringing back our WOTLK WoW website themes, updated and modernized for use on your world of warcraft classic or warmane website.

Following The Burning Crusade, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is the second expansion set for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft. It was released on November 13, 2008, and on the first day, it had sold 2.8 million copies, making it the fastest-selling computer game of all time. The game introduced a lot of new content, such as the new continent of Northrend, which is home to The Lich King Arthas and his undead army. Players must be at least level 68 to progress through Northrend, while the expansion’s level ceiling is 80. The Death Knight, the first hero class, was introduced at level 55.

Following the cleaning of the Sunwell, the globe experienced a time of suspicious silence. The undead Scourge, as if on cue, launched a huge assault on Azeroth’s cities and towns, this time stretching far beyond the Eastern Kingdoms. Warchief Thrall dispatched an expedition force to Northrend, led by Overlord Garrosh Hellscream, under pressure to reply with a complete army. Meanwhile, Varian Wrynn, the long-missing human king, has returned to Stormwind City and recovered his throne. He dispatched a similarly powerful Alliance army, led by Bolvar Fordragon, to annihilate the Lich King—and any Horde forces standing in their way.

Check back soon for our official Wrath Theme for Wordpress

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Uldir the first BFA raid LIVE

It’s here and the race is on as the Uldir raid encounter has gone live players from around the world of warcraft rejoice knowing that the race for realm first or even world first is here! There is fanfare and gossip on every street corner of stormwind on who will defeat the dungeon first, whispers of brave alliance and horde warriors who will enter the fray and bring an end to this blackest night.

Now that you and your guild is ready the question now remains Is your guild website ready? All the kick ass themes on Ejeet come with full Uldir raid support you can literally kick ass and take names with a wordpress website template from Ejeet Networks.

Now get back out there and clear this raid you got loot to get!