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Wrath of the Lich King Classic Theme Leaves Beta

The all new WOTLK WoW theme has finally left beta which will introduce the new frame work for all templates which are compatible with Wordpress 6.0 as of this post.

Our themes are now ever lighter weight, they offer better image quality, compression and are so efficent at rendering that our GTmetrix score is 100% along with a Google Page Insights score of 100% for the theme when hosted in an optimal configuration.

Making a website for a warcraft guild, server, blog or general fansite has never been easier with our themes, they remain the most popular world of warcraft wordpress themes to date and thats because we never rush our nex-gen themes and ensure they are bug free before releasing them.

In the coming days we plan to reveal our wow wotlk theme for wordpress here on the front page of where we encourage you to check back and see our best wotlk theme ever, all while running on our latest core.