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All new WoW Theme

Due to high demand and many request we have released the world of warcraft alliance edition of BFA Plus! theme its available right now on a introductory price of 50% off. The theme has all the items and menu systems that you need to create a nice organized website for your mmorpg guild, you just upload and activate your site is ready in minutes, check out what our new alliance theme can do for your guild!

With this release you can now select both alliance and horde website setups. The sky is the limit.

All of our themes come with built-in social networking links for gamers, such as,, and even you simply paste your profile link and press save its that simple to include your discord invite link or to link your armory in the battlenet tab.

And if that’s not enough the boss tracker plugin supports tracking for three kill types. Normal, Heroic and of course Mythic each being depicted by a different icon for each type, you can also link a video or kill video to each boss so while your learning your can link strategy videos and when you kill it you can link your guilds kill video. Pretty neat huh?

If we look at the image below it lets you see that even on the homepage the features are endless!

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19 thoughts on “All new WoW Theme

  1. I just downloaded the zip file for the theme do i need to extract it or can i upload the zip directly to my wordpress website?

    This is my first purchase so i am not sure


  2. The best and only way to do a correct install is to indeed goto themes then select add theme and choose your purchased zip file, that’s it all done at that point!

    Thanks for using our theme!

    1. Working like a charm I love it thank you for the fast support

  3. Can I use my own logo ?

  4. Hello Andrew,

    Yes you can use your own logo from the theme panel its very easy and has a GUI!

    Thank you!

  5. Just purchased the theme where can i add my discord invite?

    1. Sara,

      In your wordpress administrator section look for the BFA Plus Panel there is a whole section allowing you to add these links and even custom ones!

      Thanks for your purchase!

  6. Our guild is looking to stop using enjin and start our own website but do we need to buy the hosting from you or can we host it on our raspberry pi? or our own small server? is this possible?

    Thank you

    1. Hey, we are happy to hear that you want to try our template on your own hosting system, as a matter of fact our template will run just fine on a raspberry pi it weighs in at only 1.02mb.

      If you are looking to get started on your own private server i suggest taking a look at the free webmin application for linux it will allow you to have a fairly user friendly setup allowing you to setup your webserver, apache, nginx anything you like everything works great on ARM servers.

      1. Thanks for the advice on the webmin, I had actually installed it just today it works really good for what I need it to do.

        I went ahead and purchased the template and installed it on our LAMP server using a Raspberry Pi 3, the site is incredibly responsive and my guild enjoys the template.

        Thank you for the great theme I hope to see a classic edition one in the future

  7. I just bought this theme and I love it but we have a horde version of the guild and I want to purchase the horde theme, could i get a discount?

    1. You are in luck as this one is also one sale right now!

  8. Good theme, but my web host ( bluehost ) is not very good i started the site there but it has trouble, do you guys have any of those wordpress hosting plans available still? it was sold out for a bit and now i cant find them

    1. I believe we have one wordpress optimized hosting spot open right now, i have sent you an email about it, you get access to memcache and redis aswell making your site substantially faster then a shared host.

  9. Can I use an iframe to make my phpbb forum work here?

    Love the theme by the way.

    1. Absolutely you can do this with standard html iframe or you could use a plugin allowing for shortcode iframes,

      We are delighted to hear that you love the them Thank you for your kind words.

  10. <3 the alliance version it is very nice can't wait until wow classic is alive and well.

  11. Funktioniert gut in deutscher Sprache

  12. Can it work with woo commence ?

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