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World of Warcraft 2015 European Regional Finals Disqualifications

To many people this may come as a surprise but there were two teams tossed out of the ladder, we have the official statement from blizzard on the issue.

Legion Launcher

This past weekend at the Road to BlizzCon 2015 European Regional Finals in Prague, two players from two different Arena teams were disqualified on the day of the tournament. This resulted in a less-than-ideal experience for everyone involved, especially the other teams in attendance.

In both cases, the disqualified players were found to have been violating the Terms of Service of World of Warcraft. According to our Tournament Rules, players’ accounts must remain in good standing for the entirety of the 2015 WoW Arena World Championship. As these players’ accounts had been suspended, they were no longer in good standing, and thus disqualified from the tournament.

We have performed a thorough investigation of the accounts in question, and have found overwhelming evidence indicating that both players were indeed participating in activities that rightfully resulted in their accounts being suspended. Blizzard does not publicly share details of actions taken against specific accounts, but offenses that typically result in suspension include: exploiting game mechanics, buying or selling accounts, playing another person’s account for advantage (boosting), and/or collusion with opponents.

In both cases, we should have taken action much sooner, and regret that these players were not informed of their disqualified status prior to the event.

We are working to improve our processes to prevent situations like this from happening again, and ensure that ineligible players are properly disqualified before tournament play commences.

We will post more updates on this if and when they become available.

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World of Warcraft : America Regional Arena Championship Matches 2015

The 2015 World of Warcraft Americas Region Arena Championships or WoW Regional will be held this coming weekend on September 12-13th with top US based teams competing for the $100,000 prize pool. The top three teams from the mix will advance to the World Championships to be held at this year’s Blizzcon in November which should be a treat for everyone.


World of Warcraft Arena Championship 2015

Ramping up at 12 p.m. PT each day, the eight competing teams are as follows:

  • Dream Deferred (North America)

  • FolloweSports (North America)

  • Hype (Australia & New Zealand)

  • Juveniles (North America)

  • Luminosity (North America)

  • Method (North America)

  • Santos Dexterity (North America)

  • Tempo Storm (North America)