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WildStar Changes over to Quarterly Content Due to Game Bugs

Recently the vastly popular WildStar developer Carbine Studios had announced an array of incoming changes to the sci-fi MMO, including a shift in focus to quality over quantity when it comes to the customers experience, we think this is great as long as its true, provide better content over longer gaps of time would be pleasing to all parties in most cases.

In a State of the Online game update, product director Mike Donatelli mentioned the studio understands WildStar’s regular monthly release schedule has ended in buggy content. In a reaction to the community’s demands for more stable releases, the decision has been made for you to launch major updates over a quarterly basis.

The introduction of megaservers will allow adventurers to find one other far more quickly, offering better PvP and PvE engagement, guild recruitment, and buying and selling.

You can check out the complete state of the game on Carbines Website.