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World of Warcraft 6.2 Zone Tanaan Jungle Initial View

Gul dan Fel Reaver

In Patch 6.2, level 100 heroes of the Horde and the Alliance must return to Tanaan Jungle and stop Gul’dan before his dark plans bring about untold ruin. As part of your quest, you’ll explore Draenor’s darkest corners, confront twisted new foes, and face a new series of chapter-based quests that will put everything you’ve learned on Draenor to the test.

Getting to Tanaan Jungle

World of Warcraft Shipyard

One does not merely stroll into Tanaan Jungle—there are preparations to be made, including establishing a Shipyard for your Garrison in a bid to take on this new threat from two directions: both land and sea. You’ll progress through a series of quests in which you’ll be asked to build a Shipyard, begin an assault on Tanaan by sea, and set up a new forward base hub—Vol’mar for the Horde and Lion’s Watch for the Alliance. Completing missions will provide materials for your Shipyard, supporting your ongoing efforts to control the seas of Draenor.

The Story Continues

Much like the previous Garrison Campaign chapter-based quests, a new series of random quests will take players through the developing story and further into the jungles of Tanaan, including key locations such as the cave in which Kilrogg sacrificed his eye. Over the course of your journey, you’ll learn that Gul’dan and his fanatical allies have even more sinister plans up their sleeves.

Tanaan 6.2 Zone Warcraft

Objective Hubs

Once your new outpost is established, you’ll go on the offensive and choose one of two hot spots each day to assault. Your goal is to undermine Gul’dan’s plan to drag the whole of Draenor into chaos. There are seven new areas to explore, including:

  • Ironhold Harbor: Stop the Iron Horde’s reinforcements from making landfall.
  • Ruins of Kra’nak: Stop Gul’dan’s Shadow Council from recruiting the arakkoa.
  • Temple of Sha’naar: Defeat demon-summoning Sargerei in this ruined temple.
  • The Felforge: You’ll need to throw a monkey wrench into the manufacturing of fel machinery.
  • The Iron Front: Hold the line in this massive battlefield to the west.
  • Throne of Kil’jaeden: You and your party will face elite creatures and attempt to stem the demonic tide.
  • Zeth’gol: Take your assault into the capital of the Bleeding Hollow.
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Your first legendary follower

In the savage world of Draenor, you may not have any true friends, but you can forge partnerships with a meaningful purpose. Thanks to Garona, you’ll learn what Gul’dan is up to, and you’ll get the opportunity to witness firsthand as he attempts to take control of the Iron Horde and capture Grommash Hellscream.


Thereafter, you’ll obtain your first Legendary follower. Garona comes to you with three abilities befitting an Assassination Rogue, as well as the Master Assassin trait, which greatly increases the chance of success on any mission she is assigned to. Furthermore, she starts at a follower item level of 630.

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Thralls Revenge WoW Template is now for sale

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Draenor WP Theme Complete

Today we mark the completion of the warlords template that Ejeet had been working on for the past months, we are happy to offer this all new WoD template later this week for the world to make wonderful world of warcraft websites with.

The core of the template is WordPress, but the layering is a pure easy to use guild master experience, you simply drag and drop widgets to make them active on your webpage at any time, the skin is responsive so it will look good on mobile devices too, but don’t take our word for it, check out the demo of this skin coming later this week exclusively to Ejeet Networks.

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( Please keep in mind the demo site may be under construction at any time. )

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