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World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 Heirloom System

With Wow patch 6.1, blizzard is implementing a brand new system for managing and using your heirloom items.


When the developers implement patch 6.1, all heirloom items are going to be automatically added into the completely new system and you’ll be credited for the children across your account. At the time, heirlooms will be modified to obtain maximum levels that fall into one among three groups: 1-60, 61-90, and 91-100. Your heirloom items will all be grandfathered into whichever group is appropriate, with previous maximum levels currently being upgraded. This means that in case you have an heirloom item that previously maxed out at level eighty-five, it will now max out at 90.

You will get a new copy of all of your heirloom items for any of this characters by right-clicking on it, and the newly-generated item will be in your bags.

A common question we’ve received relating to this new heirloom system is, “What’s gonna happen with heirloom items that will I’ve previously enchanted? ” Nothing will change with those items. If you’ve got a piece of enchanted heirloom gear using a character today, it will be there exactly as before. You are able to still use it and mail it to other characters on your own account as always. With this particular new system, you’ll be in a position to generate additional, unenchanted copies of that item for your characters.

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NEW Warcraft Warlords Druid Template

Today we unveil another template for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor this is the druid green edition of our line up, if you are a druid or a druid lore guild you will love this.


This template is totally modular you can modify the look with ease.