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World of Warcraft Classic Red Theme

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As we count down the final days to launch of wow classic we are proud to announce that the WoW Classic Red template for WordPress is now available to purchase.

  • WoW Classic Red Horde Theme for WordPress

10 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Classic Red Theme

  1. Enjoy the new red theme everyone, for those interested in the alliance version of the theme please visit –>

  2. Excellent I was waiting for something like this

  3. Simple and elegant the guild is happy with this one thanks for keeping them affordable, some other site was selling a clunky looking template for like 100 dollars

    1. Thank you for choosing us, we love all of our clients!

  4. I don’t have paypal can I still get the theme?

    1. Hi we generally only accept PayPal which allows you to use a credit card, debit card or a balance on paypal even a e-check.

      In most cases you don’t need to have paypal as you can pay without an account when using credit card you simply fill in the forms on the payment page that pops up you do not need an account.

  5. Going to show this to my guild

  6. What is wordpress and how do i get it? I want to use this theme but i keep seeing wordpress how can i get it?

    1. WordPress is a free open source software that you install on your web server, you will need a web server, mysql, and php 7.0+ for minimum requirements.

      You can use the contact us button above if you have more questions you would get a response faster from us this way.

  7. U got any other horde theme coming? this one to nice for the style i look for!

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