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Elder Scrolls Online : Orsinium DLC is coming – Home of the Orcs


The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is on its way to receiving yet again a big DLC with the announcement of Orsinium. Orsinium is the ancestral home of the Orcish race in the elder scrolls world players will be tasked with helping to rebuild this once great capital city by order of King Kurog.

If what we are being told is true from the press release this is the largest DLC to date  and offers players “over 20 hours” of content including a new zone, new quests, a new single-player arena, new public dungeons and many more small tweaks.

New PVE Content for All Players: Adventure through hours of captivating new content, no matter your level.

The Maelstrom Arena: A new solo arena challenge, The Maelstrom Arena, features nine combat rings and two different difficulty levels. Test your might against the fiercest enemies imaginable as you, and you alone, fight for your life and if victorious, are granted generous rewards.

New Public Dungeons: Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft, Orsinium’s sprawling public dungeons, feature all new-challenges for both solo and group play.

Orisinium-Exclusive Rewards and Items: Enjoy powerful new gear, unique crafting styles and other rewards inspired by the history and denizens of Wrothgar.

Orsinium will be released for PC/Mac on November 2nd, XBox One on November 17th and for PlayStation 4 on November 18th. ESO Plus members will receive the DLC for free, or it can be purchased for 3,000 Crowns in the ESO Crown Store.


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Elder Scrolls Online The Justice System

“By order of the Jarl, stop right there!” Even though I have not logged nearly as many hours as a lot of people, that phrase is one I know all too well. Anytime I’ve tried to be a sneaky thief, there was always a guard right near me ready to confiscate my stolen good. From what I saw at the Guild Summit, this phrase (or variations of it) will be playing a lot through my speakers as I play The Elder Scrolls Online.

As with the Champion System, this new addition to ESO isn’t something small. This system is going to change how we as players interact with the world. Making it a more believable environment. More lootable items, more dialogue with the NPCs, players taking on a role of Guards, and so much more



When I first heard about the justice system coming to ESO, I didn’t think much of it, I thought it’d be a simple addition to the game, but I didn’t take into account what they’d really need to do. Every guard in every city needs to be able to react to player actions; they need to be patrolling the cities vigorously; they need to be connected somehow to prevent players from stealing stuff in Daggerfall and quick traveling to Wayrest until their bounty has dissipated.  Zenimax is going to be changing the way sneak works as well. If I’m an Enforcer, and an Outlaw goes into sneak, it only makes sense that I should not be able to see him, same for Shadow Cloak, and invisibility potions.

If the world of Tamriel doesn’t have enough to deal with, with Molag Bal and other daedric forces roaming the country side, murdering and pillaging, now they’ll have to deal with the masses, murdering and pillaging. Let me tell you, I can’t wait to murder and pillage the citizens of Tamriel!

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Elder Scrolls Online : The Champion System – New Game Style

An Entirely New Game Design is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online.
Taking a game which has been in development for 7 years, and within seven several weeks of release completely transforming the “end game progression” would have been a hard thing to complete. The amount of pride that might need to be swallowed is unfathomable. But that is certainly something Zenimax has, and is also, doing.
Elder Scrolls Online Champion Layout
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Elder Scrolls Online: 6 Months Later

As the sixth month mark dawns on ESO we take a look on what’s happening.

When it comes to online multiplayer gaming at the scale of a mmo, the status of the game is ever-changing, live worlds it’s part of the whole experience. With The Elder Scrolls Online just having received a new major update this week, one that will carry the game into its sixth month of release, it seemed like a good time to reflect upon where the game has come to this point, as well as a couple of wishes for the future. While there have been mistakes, promises, and changes, the game continues to evolve as it seems to have found its audience and development gets closer to a console version. After all of this, ESO heads into its sixth month on a few solid notes.

If you have not checked out ESO yet now may be the time to check it out, or maybe just wait a little longer to see where the game goes.

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