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Countdown to patch 7.2

The BattleNET updater has started preloading the latest patch for world of warcraft otherwise known as patch 7.2 Tomb of Sargeras, this means that the patch is not too far away. The general prediction is that the patch will launch within the next week which puts the launch date happening on March 28th US and 29th EU. This date has been confirmed by the Q&A with blizzard today.

With the patch on the horizon there are many players returning to the world of warcraft so they can enjoy flying through the broken isles, by far this is one of the most anticipated updates to the game as flying makes for a totally different experience VS the current the land game of the legion expansion pack.

What are you excited the most about in the upcoming patch? The new instance(s)? Flying? Class changes? — Will you stand against the army of the burning legion? Find out when the patch goes live.

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The Repopulation : Two Thousand Testers on board

October began with a slew of additions over three patches. It closed with a slew of new testers being invited into the game. The remaining backers will all be gaining access over the course of November. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlight additions in October.


Housing and City elements continued to receive updates this month, including the introduction of player shops. A player with a housing unit in the persistent PvE world or in one of the player cities can place down several shop vendors. Other players can visit the shop vendor to browse the goods. Players can subscribe to shops to browse the goods remotely. You can purchase goods for pickup from a subscribed shop or pay a fee to have it delivered to you.

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