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WoW Siege of Orgrimmar 5.4 Wordpress Template

We have created an all new template for world of warcraft gamers, this theme is for wordpress and can be used on our hosted platform or you can outright buy the template from us and host it where you like, this is the new business model of Ejeet Networks, we now will sell you a copy of a desired template on demand with instant delivery provided.

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You can click any of these images to see the full, larger, complete version of the image.

Siege of Orgrimmar Front 1Siege of Orgrimmar Front 2


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Featured Guild Site of February

Hello fellow guild masters, guild web masters and gamers alike, this month we have a really cool guild site that we are happy to have powered up for the crowds of people waiting to see what boss they kill next!

Did it for Whitney from the Mal’Ganis US World of Warcraft Server is this months featured guild website, as you can see in the image its a beautiful finished product using elegant shaders to offer that appealing experience to your eyes and mind, with ease of use and extreme beauty the site was custom made by Ejeet Networks for the guild using the best content management system for your world of warcraft guild website.

Are you interested in having a website created for your top tier world of warcraft guild? Don’t want a cookie cutter site from all of those guild hosting services? No problem get an exclusive epic guild site only at Ejeet Networks.

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Interview: Dust and EVE the Connection

494_32Most of us Asked: In what ways will Eve Players manage to interact with Airborne dirt and dust players?

Brandon Laurino: EVENT Online and PARTICLES 514 are absolutely connected, as all customers from both items are logged into the same single-shard server at a time. Interactions between EVENT Online and DUST 514 we’ve made available include realtime voice and textual content Chat, in-game Send, Corporations (the EVENT Universe version associated with “clans”), Factional Combat, and of training course, Orbital Strikes, where DUST 514 players can require support from EVENT Online players, having a real-time strike from the starship in place (on PC/Mac) for the planet surface (on PS3). With the recent move of PARTICLES 514 from our test server (named Singularity aka Sisi) for the live EVE World server (named Relaxed atmosphere aka TQ) now we have fully merged PARTICLES 514 and EVENT Online – which in turn also includes comprehensive connection of services like the Economy, which currently isn’t going to allow for cost-free flow of currency between your two, but discomfort the levers in our disposal to accomplish this, as well seeing that persistence and position, and much more – to generate an analogy, we’ve laid all the actual plumbing between EVENT Online and PARTICLES 514, and now we are slowly turning on the many faucets. As we technique the 10 yr anniversary EVE Online this season, which falls about our annual FanFest function at end associated with April, we are going to be escalating this connection, culminationg in massive events between your two, and naturally, new functionality, features along with updates.

We Inquired: Will Dust players manage to join corporations through the get-go?

Brandon Laurino: That is currently live. Corporations between EVENT Online and PARTICLES 514 are completely the identical, down to jogging off literally the identical backend system. DUST 514 players can join EVENT Online corporations which have been around 10 years, or can make their own Corporations and get EVE Online players involved with it, or keep the item a Corp associated with exclusively DUST 514 mercenaries. The decision is yours.


Most of us Asked: Will Dust 514 beta players keep their characters with the transition?

Brandon Laurino: Yes, DUST 514 people are transitioned coming from Closed Beta for you to Open Beta and we’ve also carried over-all AUR purchased (Aurum also called AUR is our paid virtual forex, ISK our cost-free earned currency), other PSN and retail DUST 514 expenses, and special things given away over the course of Closed Beta.

Most of us Asked: The long touted Orbital Bombardment has been a particular highlight associated with Eve Online/Dust integration, can players jump using this mechanic and aid their planet aspect allies?

Brandon Laurino: Yes, currently live, seeing that described above.

Most of us Asked: How will Airborne dirt and dust 514 players impact the economy associated with New Eden at this time?

Brandon Laurino: The Economy backend among DUST 514 and EVE Online are one as well as the same. We currently do not allow for free movement currency transfer among EVE Online and DUST 514 players, but we are going to be experimenting with this specific and slowly converting this on in the course of the coming many weeks, during the Wide open Beta.

We Inquired: How far apart is Dust 514 coming from completion once the item merges with Singularity?

Brandon Laurino: CCP runs an authentic “game as any service”, as these kinds of, there is no “completion” per se. Just as EVENT Online has regularly updated and iterated in the course of its first decade – with all its free key expansions and such things as complete graphics change – so way too will DUST 514 consistently update and iterate, together with constant updates including content and attributes, and of training course, continuing to expand about the real time connection between EVE On the net and DUST 514 together with exciting new possibilities. For example, next big update for you to DUST 514 from what is currently live, there will be a major design update, as properly as bringing on the web new features for player controlled planetary conquest among DUST 514 and EVE Online. Having said that, we have a really specific plan with the Open Beta period, and what our goals are for moving DUST 514 coming from Open Beta for you to essentially “1. 0” this season. It is not CCPs strategy to just keep something in an endless, indefinite “beta”, just like EVE Online have been out of beta and running to be a “complete” product and live game to be a service for almost ten years, despite major improvements and iterations the main time.

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Blizzard Art Exhibition and Book Launch

We just reserved our copy of the book and two other copies for out customers for an upcoming contest!


Just a few weeks from now will see the official release of The Art of Blizzard book, published by Insight Editions. The Art of Blizzard is a superbly high-quality tome dedicated to presenting and preserving the visual history of Blizzard and our Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises. With over 350 pages and nearly 800 individual pieces, including a never-before-seen look into some of our unpublished projects, this will certainly be a must-have collector’s item to adorn even the most discerning of bookshelves and coffee tables